Friday, 28 October 2011

A card at last.

Sorry only just managing to post my card. I made it over a few days last week. The image is a download can't remember where from  sorry. I've just noticed I took the photo before glittering all the pink ruffles on her skirt. Looks better glittered. The backing paper where free from a magazine . I used a couple of punches and my spellbinders dies, also one of those lovely zipper flowers.
I have had a relaxing day today my daughter came down from Dundee late last night until 5 o'clock to day. We just chatted and had a little walk in the sunshine. She's in Manchester tonight and tomorrow then back up to Dundee. She's flying off the Vietnam in a couple of weeks until the end of November. She's cyling across Vietnam for 3 weeks and into Thailand.
I have also been decluttering again as Helen keeps telling us we have to much clutter. God help what she will say when she goes into my craft room. She's doesn't  buy many things as she as always been moving about since she left school. Studying to be a Doctor then a Forensic Pathologist.
I did have a clear out of some stuff before my Son came home, But now we don't have any room at all. What with his stuff and all Maddisons toys and clothes we are bulging at the seams. You can't tell I got rid of stuff. Now I just have to work on my Hubby as he's 10 times worse than me.
Don't think I'll be around much at all next week. I am at the hospital Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Have fun crafting Hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone for your lovely messages. The news today wasn't as good as I was hoping for. First of all they found 4 lumps not three and took out 21 lymph glands and in 20 they found cancer. They have managed to get a clear margin around it all, so that was good. The cancer can be treated but I need a full bone scan and a full body scan to see if it as spread anywhere else. So I am just praying that it hasn't. I have three apointments at the hospital next week and still waiting to hear about another one. I have not had time to take a photo of my card yet. But I will post it soon. Happy crafting Hugs x ChrisB

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Morning folks.

Hi everyone, sorry not been around I couldn't get in my craft room.  I have been busy having a clear out. Hubby helped me to sort out clothes that I have been hoarding and other junk out of my bedroom. Yesterday we moved a treadle sewing machine and Tv into the craft room as I need a new radiator in my bedroom and it was in the way. Threw out another pile of junk.Yesterday I also did a bit of Christmas shopping for stocking fillers. Just have a load of things to make now.
I have done a little crafting and made a card but will post it later.
Today I am off to the hospital for my results, hence the early post .  Have a good day. Hugs x ChrisB

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sunny and showers.

A nice morning here with a bit of Sunshine inbetween some showers.  Hubby gone out so thought I'd tidy up a bit and have a quick post on here. I thought I 'd share a couple more Christmas cards I have finished. Will have to go just got a visiter. Happy crafting Hugs x Chris

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Up early

Hi folks, had my drain out yesterday and feeling a bit uncomfortable , hence the early morning. Mind you this is the best time to be up, as Lee is still at work. That means I can get into my craftroom, otherwise it's 9.30 in the evening. This could be start of something new up at 4.30, watch this space.

I had a couple of visiters yesterday afternoon so had a good natter. Watched Sue on C&C for a short time.Then I got bored so managed to finish a couple of Christmas cards I had started the day before. I'm working with just very basic craft stuff downstairs, so just colouring and sticking. But quite pleased with what I made. Have a good day. Off to have a mooch around a few blogs. Hugs x ChrisB

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Back Home.

I had my operation first thing Thursday morning, they hadn't even finished filling my notes in and I was being wheeled down to theatre. I was glad I was first on the list. I was back up on the ward at 12pm sat up. I had a good nights sleep and they decided that I could come home Friday afternoon. I have a drain in and the District nurse is coming in each day to check it. It has to come out on Tuesday if not before. I am feeling ok, a little tired this afternoon and dozed off watching create and craft. Managed a bath to night so feel alot better.  Just finding it hard to sit still, but can't set my mind to anything. I go back a week on Wednesday to the hospital to hear the verdict and about my treatment.
A big thank you to everyone who as beeen praying and thinking about me, and for the lovely cards I have recieved. You have all lifted my spirits. God bless you. Take care, love and hugs and happy crafting. xx ChrisB

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Will be back soon.

Hi everyone , sorry I have not managed to make a card this week. I finished work on Monday, today I have spent nearly all day on the phone trying to get hold of people to send me forms. To try and find out if we will be entitled to any benifits or help at all, as no one will be working . Trying to sort things out is just a nightmare.All I keep getting is a big fat no, or we'll send you some forms but it will take about 4 to 5 weeks.
I don't think I will manage a post tomorrow as I will have to be in bed early, not that I think I will sleep.
 Have to be up for 5am Thursday morning to ring in at 6am to see if there is a bed for me. I have to be on the ward for 7.30. I don't know what time I am scheduled to go down to theatre.
I will be back soon to see all your lovely creations. Hope it's not too long I will be having withdrawel symptons.  Happy crafting take care. Love and Hugs x ChrisB

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I've got a date.

Hi folks , just getting ready for work but thought I would fill you in with my news. The hospital phoned yesterday with a date for my  mastectomy. Its Thursday 13th October, all I could think was thank God it's not Friday the 13th. I'm off to the doctors today for a flue jab, after a load of hassle trying to get one at such short notice. I'm still waiting to hear when I have to go for my Pre op. 
Off to finish getting ready for work. Hope all you girls have a good day. Happy crafting. Love and hugs x ChrisB

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bah humbug - Nativity

Well it's seemed a very long week. Not much in the way of crafting I'm afraid. Just couldn't  keep my mind on one thing. The hospital rang on Thursday while I was at work and said they were ringing Friday with an update. I was on edge allday, then they never rang. I have managed to throw a card together for Bah humbug challenge which this week is Nativity. Sorry the photo isn't very good.Sorry but can't be bothered to fiddle any more.  Thank you for all the kind words and support. Hugs x Chris B