Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sorry I have not been around this week, I have to confess I haven't touched a craft thing all week.
Hubby is doing up the backyard, pointing the walls and painting with Red brick masonary paint. He dug all my old garden up and covered it with pebbles for me.
I have been trying to fill hanging baskets and pots all week. Mind you I have had to have more sit downs than filling.  I managed it in the end though. I have taken a photo but the sun had gone around the front of the house and it looks a bit drab. The black thing in the middle at the back is a trough full of plants, unfortunately I chopped the plants off. Don't let me lose with a camera near people they are always headless. It will look better when more of my flowers are out, it's the first time I* have filled baskets. I know you plant them on the sides but didn't have enough plants.
We are just hanging on to a little bit of sunshine here at the moment but it feels much colder. Hope you are having a good day. Hugs x ChrisB

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hooray another beautiful day the sun is shining brightly.
 I had a lovely afternoon yesterday two of my friends took me out for the afternoon. The first time I had been anywhere  proper since February. We had a ride to Smiths garden centre,we had a browse around and a then had a nice chat in the cafe . It was so lovely to be out and it sunshining and away from the house and to see my friends.
I have some cards to show you I made last week. The first uses an old digi stamp I have had a few years and a Gorguss stamp. For the next I used chocolate Baroque stamps and H2os and the last is Hobby Art stamps and I used watercolour pencils.

I am off to the doctors this afternoon to see if I can get anything to help my feet. What ever you are all doing I hope you have some sunshine to enjoy. Happy crafting hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Gosh halfway through the week already, time doesn't half fly. At least we had a bit of sunshine today,, mind you I decided to have a bit of a walk around the block. Guess what  the sun decided to dissappear as soon as I popped my head through the door. I  managed around the block then decided to go to bottom of street.  Mind you I was slower than a snail coming back home it felt like I'd walked miles. Onwards and upwards I'll be faster in a few weeks.

Here are the other cards that I said I'd post. Hope you like them. Happy crafting hugs x ChrisB

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Back at last

Hi I'm back at last. Had my last chemo on the 1st then felt really grotty . I had a few days where my feet where so sore I couldn't walk about. Thankfully touch wood they have gone better for walking. I have very painful nights as the chemo as damaged some of the nerves I think in my feet. They are jumping and aching. They feel better when  I have plunged them into cold water in the middle of the night.

Enough about that I have been crafting. I am trying to make a big box of cards to take to the hospital . I have a few weeks yet so I am trying to make a selection of different ones. I have four to show you today then some more tomorrow. Hope you are all keeping well and I hope you've had better weather than us today. It's been hail stoning here on and off all day.
I'm off to have a look at a few blogs now. See you soon. Love and Hugs x ChrisB