Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hi had a quet day today. My friend Pat phoned to see if I was going to craft class, but I had decided not to go as they were doing christmas cards this week.

I decided to stay in and finish some of Maddisons christmas presents. I have knitted a jumper and pants and a little cardigan for  her new Christmas baby boy doll. I also found a piece of fleece to match and blanket stitched around it. I also finished my cardigan and sewed buttons on it. I didn't have enough of one set of buttons so sewed alternate buttons on instead. It would have cost me £5 bus fare and about 80p a button to town so decided to save the money. I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out. It's Italian knitting wool and just cost me £6.oo. It feels lovely and soft to the touch.
The two cards were made using my first Kanban kit I have ever bought. I am trying to make lots of different cards for  a Christmas present for a friend and if I can make enough some for the hospital again. If I don't get enough made I will carry on after christmas  for breast cancer again and take them to hospital in the new year.
Thanks everyone for your kind comments they are much appreciated.
Happy crafting hugs x ChrisB

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hi, hope you have all had a great weekend. I have had a good time playing with Maddison  my grandaughter. Also went out with my friend Pat yesterday and a lovely die jumped into my basket, a frame with a swirl. Well a girl just as to treat herself now and again.

I have been busy this evening making some quick cards. I hope you like them, some of the pictures are a bit rubbish . As well as making these cards this week I have been doing a lot of knitting. I have bought Maddison a baby boy doll for christmas, so busy making it some outfits. I have just finished myself a cardigan just need some buttons for it. Maddison also wants me to knit her some leg warmers in pink with pockets. She likes to keep me busy.
I even managed to be good today and sort out both my wardrobes and chucked out all the rubbish that was taking up all the room. Most of it was old work stuff.
Hope to see you later in the week, so have a good one. Happy crafting, love and hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

So far so good things seem to be working ok. I have still got this lousy cough I can't seem to shake off.  One day I'm not too bad and then today I've never stopped again. It's driving me mad.
I have managed to make some quick cards. On the first one the heart is loose and dangles by the ribbon. The flowers are made by punching a flower from some card and inking through it.

The next uses the same colour distress ink. 

Yesterday I went to the craftypatch craft shop again and made two cards with Shelaigh. I had a lovely afternoon getting inky.
I have made some more cards but will show you those later. Hope you are keeping well and having a good week. Hugs x ChrisB

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sorry  I have been missing again. The day after I got home from hols my computer broke. It had to be taken away to be fixed. Fingers crossed it's ok now.
I will have to take some photo's then I can show you some things I have been making.
You have all been busy making some lovely cards while I have been away. Hugs x ChrisB

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Wow I had a fantastic time on holiday, I loved Italy and all the places we visited. I'm afraid I have no pictures to show you yet. I spent  aload of time taking pictures for the first two days especially of Venice. I was taking loads of shots of  building, masks , fish, arches and door knobs, and plaques etc. I had planned to have a go at scrapbooking.
Unfortunately I had a fall on the third day while at a market. I was ok, I'd banged my elbow and my leg. I was very lucky as I went down like a sack of spuds straight full length. I couldn't even remember falling I just knew my face and everything was on the floor. I t shook me up and I didn't realise I had lost my camera until I got back on the coach. I was upset that I'd lost all my great pictures. I am hoping to get some off my daughters camera . I haven't seen what she as taken as she spent some of the time off on her own exploring, due to the fact that I couldn't walk too far without a sit down.

I'm late posting as I have been home a week, but came back with a cough which seems to be getting a lot worse. I also switched my computer on and it broke so have had to have someone out to look and fix it.
I have made a few cards this week. The first two I made at Sheliaghs class at Crafty Patch in Chorley. The second two I made using a set of Hunkadory that  were  a birthday present from my best friend Pat.
I will try and catch up with your blogs soon. Happy crafting Love and hugs x ChrisB