Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hello hope you have all had a great Halloween night. We had a visit off a very excited little devil with a pitchfork and sword  called Maddison. She had been out with her Mum  and then come to us, she wanted to stay and not go home. But went home in the end happily with a pumpkin and bag full of goodies.
She will be back tomorrow for her weekend stay.
I have taken another photo of my box and it turned out much better. Just noticed I missed glueing one of the tiny flaps, so thats been now stuck together.

Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for dropping by your comments are much appreciated.
Love and crafty hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hi, hope your week is going ok.   Mine is so far, have been busy crafting. I  have been making a couple of boxes for a couple of my daughters Christmas gifts. I was going to post them tonight but the picture was all blurred. So will try again tomorrow hopefully.
Instead I have some cards the first one is a shop window card for topping up my box. I made a couple of these a bit ago but decided to make them smaller this time.

I've also made a special 90th Birthday card. The picture is rubbish the mirror card is making everything look a double image ghost look. Also it showing up white speckles when in real life there are none. which is very strange. The inside image is not showing all the gentle glittering on the flowers either.

The last card I have made for my daughters birthday. It doesn't show the shimmer up on the light from the window. I hope she likes it. I find making cards for her a
bit of a challenge as she's not girly girly at all.

Well thats all for tonight, I'm off to check some blogs to see what you've been up too. See you soon . Take care. Love and crafty hugs. x ChrisB

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Where did this week go? Gosh can't believe it's Thursday night already.
I went to Christies Hospital for a Ct scan on Monday. I was on hospital transport so didn't get home until 7.30pm . Tuesday was spent doing some washing  and cooking. Then Yesterday I had to go to Bolton One to see the Orthapedic department to try and get some relief for my feet. We also had Maddison for tea when I got home.
Today I did some ironing then sat and sewed a cardigan together that I have been knitting for myself for the past 6 months.It's taken me so long as I could only do a bit at a time as it hurts my fingers after a bit. I t was 5 strands of very fine yarn mixed together.
I've also been out for a short walk this afternoon as the sun was shining. I feel I need to make the most of each day and try to keep busy. It helps to take my mind off things.
I have just one card to show you. It's a card shape that Jodie from Tonic was demonstrating on the Tv one day last week.. Hope you like it. I just kept it simple.

Maddison  will be with us again after school, so the crafting will have to go on the back burner until at least Sunday.
Thanks for dropping by. Have a good weekend everyone. Happy crafting. Love and hugs x ChrisB

Friday, 18 October 2013

Good evening

Good evening, so sorry I didn't manage to post any earlier in the week
. I had a lovely time last Saturday at the Sincerely show at Leigh. Although I was disappointed  that they had taken away half the seating area so that they could use the tables for workshops. This meant that at lunch time my friends and I couldn't all meet up and sit down together, so really missed having a chat with them all. I did manage to get a few things and had a nice time. I did get a Border Memory Die which I could see you could use in several different ways.
I have used it on the next two cards that I have to show you, although the second picture is rubbish. I just can't be bothered taking another photo. I'm feeling rather tired, sorry.On the first card I've used it as a border to make a background. I have also used the two free stamps from a set that was free with Simply cards and Papercraft this month.

On the this next card I have cut the border up to make a Christmas tree.

This week I have also stamped and decorated all the insides of  the Christmas cards I have made for this year. Hopefully next week I will get around to writing them all.  I have also been making my Granddaughter 
a double  quilt cover. She wanted a One Direction quilt cover. I was going to buy her one, but my son got a single one for her. I told him he needed to take it back as her quilt is a double. He never did ,and  lost the recite , so I got the job of making it into a double. Anyway with the material I have left I am going to make her a couple of cushions as well. I hope she doesn't go off them before Christmas, she as been begging for one for ages. I wouldn't mind she's only 5 and half.  I've got the rest of her presents sorted, so just everyone else now.
Well I think my bed is calling me so Happy crafting. Love and hugs x ChrisB

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hi hope you have had a good day. I went to the dentist just for a check up, but unfortunately have to go back tomorrow to have a back tooth out. Ouch!!! can't say I'm looking forward to that. I always have trouble with the injections to numb my gum they never work, I usually end up having about four of them. I have got in quick so I shouldn't moan, I don't know yet if I will have to have chemo so they pushed me in for tomorrow just in case.
On a lighter note I am looking forward to going out with my friends on Saturday. Six of us are off to the Sincerely show at Leigh, so it will be nice to take my mind of things for a while and have a good natter. Hopefully I might be able to treat myself to something nice, I think I will have to walk around most of the day with blinkers on as there will be so many goodies to look at.
As promised I have done my photo of my card so here it is.

I have used my lovely curved spellbinder borders and I used my build a snowflake dies which are also spellbinders dies.
Happy crafting. Love and hugs x ChrisB

Monday, 7 October 2013

Hi thanks to the ladies that visited and left me hugs and messages, they are all very much appreciated.
I went to Christies on friday and had one dose of radiotherapy  on my lower back. I now have to wait until the 21st to go back for a CT scan so the specialist can see the difference.
I am trying to keep strong and enjoy every day even if it is only doing the dreaded housework, I have managed to spend a nice afternoon with a friend chatting and doing a little knitting.I have ironed tonight then I have made a card  which will hopefully be able to show you that tomorrow night.
I do have some cards to show you , so far I have made 32 Christmas cards here are a few I haven't showed you yet.

The first card is made with new Marianne dies that I got a couple of months ago when I went to a demonstration day at Preston.
The other batch of cards where made with  a Sheena Douglas stamp which at the moment is my favourite. It just reminds me of round about where we live in the winter when it snows, I also think it will work equally as well and time of the year.
I hope you are all having a good start to your week and managing to get some good crafting time. See you all soon. Love and hugs x ChrisB