Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hi folks were did this week go. I have been busy , busy ,busy making cards as they had sold the one's I took down last week straight away.  I was all set to show you them, but hey ho silly me they are on my phone. I don't know how to load them from that. Something else I am going to have to learn, mind you it's not the learning part , it's keeping it in my brain that's the hardest.
I hope you are having a good weekend. Love and hugs xxChrisB

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hi everyone, hope your enjoying your weekend.
I have had a busy one again with Maddison being around. We baked some brown bread plait, she did a really good job of mixing the dough and kneading it. After it had rested I showed her how to cut it into roll size and then how to plait one and then she did the rest. After that we made 10 Banana Muffins with chocolate and sultana's in and some mixed spice. Naughty but really  scrummy!!!!!!!
After eating a cheese plait and a banana muffin for her lunch, daddy took her out for a walk down to Middlebrook.
I had a quick tidy up and then cut some pieces of card and embossed and die cut them. I have a commission for a 40th Birthday card.

I'm just in the middle of a clean and tidy now Maddison has gone home. Thought I would have a quick 30 mins and show you some more cards that I made this week.

I'm really trying not to purchase any craft stuff, so have used what craft card and stuff that I already own. These two cards are using Kanban card stock.

  This one is made with a Hunkadory card that my friend gave me.

These last three are made some free craftwork card paper that I got with a  magazine a couple of weeks ago. I am only purchasing a magazine when there is a really good free gift and I'm desperate for something to read.
I hope you haven't got all this dreadful snow and ice that I have here. I can't go out as I'm frightened of falling.
Tomorrow my hairdresser is coming to cut my hair. But wednesday I have an appointment at the hospital with the oncologist at 10am so I hope all this ice as gone by then or I will be struggling to walk.
Well off to finish the dreaded housework now.  See you all soon I hope. Thanks for dropping by, love and hugs to you all. xxxChrisB

Monday, 12 January 2015

I've something to post at last.

Hi everyone , I've something to post at long last, my first card for this year. I was asked by a lady that I have only seen once to make a card for her new Grandson. I got talking to her in the knitting and craft shop and she  was looking at ribbons at the same time as myself . She's not seen any of my cards so I hoping she likes what I have made. She wanted something special and Vintage in red , white and navy.
 First of all I decided to make an easel card which is 7 x 7. For the front of the card I decided to put words on the front in a heart. I used a tattered lace embossing folder for the background. The images are all cut from some fabric that I have had for about 10  to 15 years. For my stopper I cut a pram and made it look like a silvercross pram by cutting it out in three colours and paper piecing it.

 This next picture is the inside of the card, the card actually opens tent fold.
 I then drew and designed the box as I wanted one with a flap, it fastens with velcro.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year,  I had a lovely time,my daughter Helen came down from Scotland for 3 days as she was on call the rest of the time. We also had my son and his girlfriend and of course Maddison on Christmas day.

I didn't  manage to get on before christmas as I was ill for about 3 weeks with a really bad cough, but luckily had recovered in time for the festivities.  

My washer broke just before the holidays so had no washer for 3 weeks. The insurance company sent someone to fix it last Friday. I have just about got straight now. 
My back as been worse this last week, just hoping that I can spend more time with Maddison playing and making memories.
We had a lovely time at week end. She wanted a den, So I built one from one side of my dining room to the other, using an old maiden and two big sheets and my dining room table and a chair. We spent about 3 hours playing with her dolls and me doing all the voices. The best of it was she was sat in the chair undercover in comfort, the dolls were in the middle under the maiden and Nanna was crawling about under the table all the time. We had a picnic and played school with the dolls , all in their new school uniforms that I had made and sent to Father Christmas. Lee was working all night so Hubby gave her a bath. He fills the bath about  10" high with bubbles and she plays at volcanoes, or castles or space planets then as a lovely time popping all the bubbles over my tiles on the wall and Grandad  as well.  After I had dryed her hair and     she had got her pj's on we watched the voice. Then I spent the next half hour reading her a story while she was painting on the desk in the bedroom.,  She went out like a light and had a lie in on Sunday until 9am. She wasn't the only one. I didn't wake up until 10 o'clock , Maddie had finished her breakfast and was painting again before I was up. She just had time to play in the den before she had to go home. A lovely time was had by all of us.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hi everyone a very long time since I posted. I hope everyone is well and busy  with there crafting.

I had some bad news when I last went to see the oncologist at the end of October. My cancer has spread up my spine and into my ribs. I was feeling so much better after losing 4 stone and very positive so you can imagine I was knocked for six. It has taken me along time to try and get stronger and try and enjoy every day again.
I have tried to bury myself in crafting and carry on making my cards for cancer. I have made  quite a lot and they have been selling slowly so I am making Christmas cards at the moment. I just haven't had the time to photograph then all and put on here.

We are decorating my bedroom at the minute so it's utter chaos with stuff everywhere. I have been trying to sort stuff out and have a big clear out. If your like me your a hoarder I find it very hard to get rid of stuff. I have so much craft stuff and I haven't started on that stuff yet. I don't know what to do with it all, I don't want to leave it all for my other half to have to sort it.

Well must get on and get dressed I am going out today and have alot of jobs to do as well.
Will try to be back soon with some pictures. Love  and hugsto you all and thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hello everyone

Hello everyone, sorry I've not been around for so long.
 I have managed to get my cards into a shop and they are selling them for cancer research. I have been so busy I have made about 100 cards since my last post.

I have  lost 3 and a half stone  since April and I have been getting  out and about alot better with the help of my shoes that were made special. They have made me a second pair , I just have to wear them in.
I am going to visit my daughter next week. I haven't seen her since she came home at Christmas. I  am really looking forward to it. I'm a little bit worried as I have to catch 3 trains and haven't really been on many trains since |I was a little girl. Just hoping I get get from 1 platform to another quickly enough as I don't walk very quickly.

This last week I had a Ct scan to see how my cancer in my spine is. I'm praying that the Ketogenic diet as stopped it progressing further. From going on the diet in April to the end of August I had not taken one painkiller and felt much healthier. But since then I have been having some twinges and to day it is very painfull so I know it is still there. I don't think I will get to know the results until I go back at the end of October to see my Oncologist. I am carrying on with the diet until at least then. 
Well I think this is all I have time for now. Hope you are all keeping well and still enjoying your crafting. Take care. Love and hugs xx ChrisB

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hi folks I have had a lovely time over the last few weeks being warm and wearing  a t shirt, I am usually freezing and have to wear lots of thermals and jumpers from about September until March to keep warm. I've been like that for about 10 years. It's been a real treat to have all the sunshine and  have sat out even in the evening  which is very rare for me. I hope you all have enjoyed it as much as me. Mind you even I was heard to utter on a few days that I was too hot.
My grandaughter was doing abit of colouring the other week and made two cards one for her teacher and one for her daddy's girlfriend. She's only interested in colouring when she can use my Promarkers. She loves using lots of bright colours as you will see. She cut the paper and stuck them on and the die cuts. She says she's not interested in crafting, but I think she made a good job of them myself, mind you I'm biased.The picture of Maddison was taken at the church hall bingo , just had to have one of her with her missing teeth. She had Super Bear for the weekend from school. We had to take pictures of his adventure with her and she had to write a piece about it for school. She won a large box of M&S chocolate  biscuits at the bingo so came home very happy.

I have been making lots of card over the last couple of weeks. The first was a commission for a 65th Wedding Anniversary.

I decided to make a batch of shoe and dress cards here are a few of them.

I'm  looking forward to tomorrow Maddison will be here, we didn't have her last week and really  missed her and it was very quiet.
Hope you have a nice weekend and get to do the things you enjoy the most. Thanks for dropping by. Love and crafty hugs. xx Chris

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hi folks well we've had some great weather this week, I've even managed to sit out abit and do a bit of knitting.
On Monday  I took my friend Sylvia's Birthday card and present down that I had just managed to finish in time. For her present I used a Debbie Moore cd and for her card I used a Crafters companion card creator as well as some Hunkadory decoupage. She is very into flowers, I am pleased to say she was thrilled with both of them. We sat and had a good old chin wag while I tried to sort some crochet out.

It was warm here yesterday and I did loads of washing, as well as walking to Tescoes for some shopping.
Today I had another trip to Tescoes, I can only carry shopping in one hand as I use my stick  and have to do several trips. Mind you I didn't mind this morning as the weather was beautiful. Managed to get some more washing done and ironed this afternoon.
I have almost finished another card for my son's girlfriend , her birthday is on Sunday. I just have to stamp a  birthday verse and die cut it then it is finished. I will post a picture at the weekend.
 I will  be tidying up tomorrow before Maddison comes for her weekend stay. She came for tea yesterday and  we had taken her down to the tennis court for a knockabout  after tea before she had to go home back to her Mums. She got really upset and cryed when we said it was time to go.  We don't get much time to take her anywhere as her Daddy takes her out every Saturday and then she goes home again before Sunday lunch time. 
I bet she will want us to play football again tomorrow , so I'd better get to bed and rest my weary sore feet.
Thanks for dropping by. Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Love and crafty hugs xxx ChrisB