Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hello everyone

Hello everyone, sorry I've not been around for so long.
 I have managed to get my cards into a shop and they are selling them for cancer research. I have been so busy I have made about 100 cards since my last post.

I have  lost 3 and a half stone  since April and I have been getting  out and about alot better with the help of my shoes that were made special. They have made me a second pair , I just have to wear them in.
I am going to visit my daughter next week. I haven't seen her since she came home at Christmas. I  am really looking forward to it. I'm a little bit worried as I have to catch 3 trains and haven't really been on many trains since |I was a little girl. Just hoping I get get from 1 platform to another quickly enough as I don't walk very quickly.

This last week I had a Ct scan to see how my cancer in my spine is. I'm praying that the Ketogenic diet as stopped it progressing further. From going on the diet in April to the end of August I had not taken one painkiller and felt much healthier. But since then I have been having some twinges and to day it is very painfull so I know it is still there. I don't think I will get to know the results until I go back at the end of October to see my Oncologist. I am carrying on with the diet until at least then. 
Well I think this is all I have time for now. Hope you are all keeping well and still enjoying your crafting. Take care. Love and hugs xx ChrisB