Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hi folks I was at the hospital this morning to see my Oncologist over my bone cancer. He had the result of my bone scan from December. He is not giving me any other treatment at the moment and wants to see me again in 3 months.
Yesterday I did manage to make some more cards but didn't have time to take any photo's so here they are.

Sorry my photo's are a bit rubbish tonight.
Thanks for dropping by , your comments are much appreciated. Love and crafty hugs. x ChrisB

Sunday, 26 January 2014

It's a very cold, wet and blustery day here, glad I'm inside. I hope you are all safe and don't have any flooding where you are or get any later on.
I have been trying to use a bit of stash, I bought a load of peel off stickers when I was a new crafter. I still have stacks of them left 15 years later, rather than throw them I thought I would try my hand at using a few . I have managed to use something else that I hardly use and that is my gelly roll pens. Something else that I have had about the same times as the peel offs. I have made two cards for my box.

 I made two cards using the same colour of card as I'm trying to use it up instead of saving little bits as I have a mountain of those. I can'nt just throw away.

The last two card are from a Hunkadory card kit that was a present to me last year, the top one is a birthday card for my brother  whose birthday is this week. The other is for my box.
Hope your managing to have a good weekend. I'm off try and get warm. See you soon, love and crafty hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hi got up this morning and it was pouring down, so decided to give my morning potter a miss. Stopped inside and made a nice large pan of scrummy Chicken and vegetable soup ready for tea.
Had lunch then decided to watch a old craft dvd I've not watched for ages, it's sometimes good to go over things that you sometimes have forgotton. Finished my cards from last night and taken my photo's.

Maddison came for tea, she doesn't like cooked vegetables so decided to make her fish fingers , peas and a few chips. While I was in the kitchen she saw Grandad having some of my soup, she decided to try some after grandad said did she want a taste. She then proceeded to finish half a bowl, then her own tea plus half of my bowl of soup. She knew there were potatoes, carrots , peas in it but didn't tell her there was also, swede, cabbage, leek and barley. She also demolished a bowl of rice pudding. I guess there was nothing wrong with her appetite today. She's back again on Friday and Saturday so better look in the freezer and work out what I need to get in.

Here are the pics of my cards from yesterday, I played with  some of my stamps , mica powder, glitter, die cutting and a different colour combination, plum die ink and green backing paper.

Thanks for dropping by, off to check my e mails and a look round blog land before bed. Crafty love and hugs x ChrisB

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hi folks hope your week as got off to a good start. Had a good day again today had another potter about this morning while it was fine. I'm getting about  a little bit better since I got my stick last week. The hospital are also making me some shoes to see if they help with my painful Perphiral Neurothapy.Mind you they take about 8 weeks to get a pair.  If they do then they will go ahead and make me a second pair, so fingers crossed they help.
This afternoon the temperature went down hill and I was freezing and couldn't get warm. I did manage to take a couple of photo's of the cards I finished off yesterday. I had spent a couple of hours having my first go at Pergamano. I only have a one pricking tool  and ball tools but really had fun, and I'm very pleased with my results. I managed to make two cards so here they are.

All I have to do now is save up some cash until I can get some more tools when I have found the cheapest place to get them from. They all seem exspensive so far but it will take me some time to save up so will have to have some patience.
Thanks for dropping by. Hope you get time for some crafty fun. Take care. Love and hugs ChrisBxxx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Today as been a good day, I managed to get several loads of washing done. Also managed to do some cleaning I wanted to do, and the bonus was  the weather stayed fine while I managed to hobble down to our local Tescoes and back. 
I didn't have to make tea as I'd made a big pan of chicken and vegetable soup last night, so that left me time to finish a card.

I am off to the hospital tomorrow for an assessment on my feet , so don't know how long that will take.
Have a good day. Crafty love and hugs x ChrisB

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hi a quick call for me tonight I'm afraid I'm feeling rather tired. Just thought I would show you my first two cards for this year. My friend gave me some goodies  that she didn't want any more so thought I would put them to good use. Hope you like what I have made.

For the first card I inked with distress ink then layered over the top 4 memory box border dies. wrapped lace thread with ribbon. Glittered my flowers then cut out with dies and layered up.
The next card I  cut a Tri fold shutter card then embossed pink card to layer on top added all my pieces after glittering all the flowers. Cut some flowers and a butterfly using my tonic dies.
Thanks for visiting. Take care, crafty love and hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hi folks

Hi folks I'm still here, sorry I have not posted anything. I have been having a break from card making since before Christmas. I have been doing a bit of knitting and have managed to do the back of a cardigan so far. I'm knitting with 5 strands of Industrial knitting yarn,. I'm trying to use yarn left from my knitting machine days. Only trouble is I've got ship loads of it.
I have also been trying to do some more pages of my scrapbook which seems to be taking me absolute ages to get through.
Have had Maddison for tea today  so this morning I baked some Banana  and Sultana Muffins as she loves them. Will most probvably make some more tomorrow as I have some more bananas that need using up. I don't like them once they have gone mushy. I like them when they are just turning from green.
Hope you all have been managing to get some crafting done. Crafty love and hugs x ChrisB