Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you have had a lovely day and got lots of lovely goodies.
Sorry not been around, I was up the lake district a couple of days last week. Also been having lots of internet problems.
Had a very busy day here as Maddison slept over for Christmas eve the first one her daddy as had off work since she was born  and she's nearly six now. She was very good and had a very busy morning opening all her great pile of presents from Santa. Went home to her Mums house at lunch time, just gave me enough time to tidy up before she's back tomorrow afternoon for a few hours. Going to have a drink now and put my feet up.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Hi everyone sorry not been around again. I was at the hospital two days last week. The first time for my bone scan and then a mammogram the second time.
I am still trying to get some Christmas things finished. I have made Maddison a One Direction skirt as she loves to dress up and dance. I just have to finish some Barbie clothes and her One Direction Christmas card then I think everything is finally finished.
have nearly finished a birthday card for one of my friend should be able to show you some time this week.
I hope all your Christmas plans are coming together. Love and hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hi folks nothing done on the crafty front I'm afraid. We had Maddison as usual on Friday to stay, then on Saturday night she was sick all over her bed so she had to sleep with me. Then Monday night  my son started being sick, closely followed by me about 3 hours later. I eventually stopped at 6o'clock Tuesday morning. But Hubby had started at 5am. Not good when you all want the bathroom at the same time.
Pleased to say we were all feeling much better by last night.
I had been worried as I was due at the hospital for my results of my Ct scan this morning. I managed to get there and went in before my appointment time. My stomach was churning and I was afraid of what they were going to say. The ct scan did not show up any cancer in my soft tissue, but they think I have some more in my bones. I now have to await an appointment coming through for a bone scan. This should be before Christmas. Then I go back on January 29th for the result and to hear what treatment I will need.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

At long last I have something to post. I have had two pulled ligaments in my knee for the last 3 weeks so have been struggling about.  I managed to catch the bus down to the doctors last week, I told him I was worried as I had bone cancer. He said it was most probably arthrititc damage , I told him I didn't even know what I had done. My knee had just started off very painful and wasn't getting any better. He said it will take about 6 weeks to get better.
I am going to see my oncolegist next Wednesday for the results of my Ct scan to see if the cancer as gone into my soft tissue. I have to admit I am terriffied , as to what he's going to say. I am going to mention my knee to him  as well just to be on the safe side.
I have  been trying to get everything sorted for Christmas early. I have written all my cards and they are ready to post. I have also been trying to get my Christmas presents sorted, very hard when money is tight and you can't  walk very far. Can't walk  to the nearest store near me to far with a gammy knee.
I have managed to finish my daughters presents. I have been busy crafting and making boxes to put all her different bits into, and they are now all in their basket ready for the Christmas wrapping paper.

The card I made for to top up my box of cards.
Sorry I've not been around to your blogs folks. I hope you are all keeping well and are managing to get all your Christmas cards done.
Thanks for calling by, your comments and support are much appreciated. Love and crafty hugs xxx ChrisB

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hello hope you have all had a great Halloween night. We had a visit off a very excited little devil with a pitchfork and sword  called Maddison. She had been out with her Mum  and then come to us, she wanted to stay and not go home. But went home in the end happily with a pumpkin and bag full of goodies.
She will be back tomorrow for her weekend stay.
I have taken another photo of my box and it turned out much better. Just noticed I missed glueing one of the tiny flaps, so thats been now stuck together.

Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for dropping by your comments are much appreciated.
Love and crafty hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hi, hope your week is going ok.   Mine is so far, have been busy crafting. I  have been making a couple of boxes for a couple of my daughters Christmas gifts. I was going to post them tonight but the picture was all blurred. So will try again tomorrow hopefully.
Instead I have some cards the first one is a shop window card for topping up my box. I made a couple of these a bit ago but decided to make them smaller this time.

I've also made a special 90th Birthday card. The picture is rubbish the mirror card is making everything look a double image ghost look. Also it showing up white speckles when in real life there are none. which is very strange. The inside image is not showing all the gentle glittering on the flowers either.

The last card I have made for my daughters birthday. It doesn't show the shimmer up on the light from the window. I hope she likes it. I find making cards for her a
bit of a challenge as she's not girly girly at all.

Well thats all for tonight, I'm off to check some blogs to see what you've been up too. See you soon . Take care. Love and crafty hugs. x ChrisB

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Where did this week go? Gosh can't believe it's Thursday night already.
I went to Christies Hospital for a Ct scan on Monday. I was on hospital transport so didn't get home until 7.30pm . Tuesday was spent doing some washing  and cooking. Then Yesterday I had to go to Bolton One to see the Orthapedic department to try and get some relief for my feet. We also had Maddison for tea when I got home.
Today I did some ironing then sat and sewed a cardigan together that I have been knitting for myself for the past 6 months.It's taken me so long as I could only do a bit at a time as it hurts my fingers after a bit. I t was 5 strands of very fine yarn mixed together.
I've also been out for a short walk this afternoon as the sun was shining. I feel I need to make the most of each day and try to keep busy. It helps to take my mind off things.
I have just one card to show you. It's a card shape that Jodie from Tonic was demonstrating on the Tv one day last week.. Hope you like it. I just kept it simple.

Maddison  will be with us again after school, so the crafting will have to go on the back burner until at least Sunday.
Thanks for dropping by. Have a good weekend everyone. Happy crafting. Love and hugs x ChrisB

Friday, 18 October 2013

Good evening

Good evening, so sorry I didn't manage to post any earlier in the week
. I had a lovely time last Saturday at the Sincerely show at Leigh. Although I was disappointed  that they had taken away half the seating area so that they could use the tables for workshops. This meant that at lunch time my friends and I couldn't all meet up and sit down together, so really missed having a chat with them all. I did manage to get a few things and had a nice time. I did get a Border Memory Die which I could see you could use in several different ways.
I have used it on the next two cards that I have to show you, although the second picture is rubbish. I just can't be bothered taking another photo. I'm feeling rather tired, sorry.On the first card I've used it as a border to make a background. I have also used the two free stamps from a set that was free with Simply cards and Papercraft this month.

On the this next card I have cut the border up to make a Christmas tree.

This week I have also stamped and decorated all the insides of  the Christmas cards I have made for this year. Hopefully next week I will get around to writing them all.  I have also been making my Granddaughter 
a double  quilt cover. She wanted a One Direction quilt cover. I was going to buy her one, but my son got a single one for her. I told him he needed to take it back as her quilt is a double. He never did ,and  lost the recite , so I got the job of making it into a double. Anyway with the material I have left I am going to make her a couple of cushions as well. I hope she doesn't go off them before Christmas, she as been begging for one for ages. I wouldn't mind she's only 5 and half.  I've got the rest of her presents sorted, so just everyone else now.
Well I think my bed is calling me so Happy crafting. Love and hugs x ChrisB

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hi hope you have had a good day. I went to the dentist just for a check up, but unfortunately have to go back tomorrow to have a back tooth out. Ouch!!! can't say I'm looking forward to that. I always have trouble with the injections to numb my gum they never work, I usually end up having about four of them. I have got in quick so I shouldn't moan, I don't know yet if I will have to have chemo so they pushed me in for tomorrow just in case.
On a lighter note I am looking forward to going out with my friends on Saturday. Six of us are off to the Sincerely show at Leigh, so it will be nice to take my mind of things for a while and have a good natter. Hopefully I might be able to treat myself to something nice, I think I will have to walk around most of the day with blinkers on as there will be so many goodies to look at.
As promised I have done my photo of my card so here it is.

I have used my lovely curved spellbinder borders and I used my build a snowflake dies which are also spellbinders dies.
Happy crafting. Love and hugs x ChrisB

Monday, 7 October 2013

Hi thanks to the ladies that visited and left me hugs and messages, they are all very much appreciated.
I went to Christies on friday and had one dose of radiotherapy  on my lower back. I now have to wait until the 21st to go back for a CT scan so the specialist can see the difference.
I am trying to keep strong and enjoy every day even if it is only doing the dreaded housework, I have managed to spend a nice afternoon with a friend chatting and doing a little knitting.I have ironed tonight then I have made a card  which will hopefully be able to show you that tomorrow night.
I do have some cards to show you , so far I have made 32 Christmas cards here are a few I haven't showed you yet.

The first card is made with new Marianne dies that I got a couple of months ago when I went to a demonstration day at Preston.
The other batch of cards where made with  a Sheena Douglas stamp which at the moment is my favourite. It just reminds me of round about where we live in the winter when it snows, I also think it will work equally as well and time of the year.
I hope you are all having a good start to your week and managing to get some good crafting time. See you all soon. Love and hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hi folks sorry I haven't posted anything this week. I did make my first pop up card with a diver on and a sea scene inside for my daughter to give to her boy friend. But silly me forgot to take a photo.
I've come on tonight with some bad news, some of you will know that in September 2011 I had breast cancer. After my chemo and radiotherapy I was left with pheriphral neurothapy. I had a few falls and went to the doctors. Recently I have had 4 scans, I had to go the hospital for the results. Unfortunately the news was not good, I now have bone cancer grade 1. They are trying to get me in for Radiotherapy next Thursday if possible. They also want me to have a full body scan to see if it as spread to my soft tissue. As you will appreciate I am still in shock, but didn't want to just not post anything and leave you wondering why I was now visiting your blogs or missing on here. Will try to keep coming on as much as I can. Happy crafting Love and hugs to you all xxChrisB

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Christmas puzzle

Hello everyone  I have been playing around with new stamps. My OH was watching Barbara Grey the other week on C&C and was very impressed by her. So in impressed in fact that he offered to buy me the stamps for my birthday next week. They came so he gave them me straight away. I've been card making for about 20 years and he's never bought me any stamps before. So thanks Barbara must remember to record her show next time she's on so he can watch again.

Beside Barbara's stamps I have also used Anna Marie's Christmas tree set and  Hobby art little deer from one of their scene it stamps. The background was made with the sentiment from Anna Marie's set.
Have a good week end if I don't get on tomorrow. Crafty love and hugs xChrisB

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Well I have finally got something to post at last. I have got a few cards to show you, a few I have been making to top up
 my present boxes.
This first card is my first attempt at some pricking and embossing. I  printed off a scalloped circle image and a butterfly then traced over them with a gold pen. I did the butterfly twice. I then pricked all around them using a one needle pricking tool then snipped them through the holes with mu decoupage snips. Embossed the swirls onto the scallop cicle then painted on the back of my butterflies with a whisper pen and embossed the wings. I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out seeing I don't have any proper tools or patterns.

These two cards were from a crafters companion, also the next from a Hunkadory kit.

This final card was printed from Joanna Sheens triple House mouse cd.  It's a card for my Hubby, it's our
37th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow. He likes my  house mouse cards when ever I make them so I hope he likes this one.

I am off for a quick browse around the blogs after this then off to bed. I'm rather tired I have had a busy day baking. I have made 10 individual meat pies and 4 individual quiches in my pie maker today. Also did some shopping. I was going to make some Blackberry and apple crumbles but ran out of steam, so going to make those in the morning hopefully. We  are having Maddison around after school tomorrow so hopefully going out for a nice dinner with her.
Will try to catch up again with you later in the week. Crafty love and hugs x ChrisB

Monday, 9 September 2013

Hi folks  sorry not been around, I had to go for some scans last week, then had loads of the dreaded ironing to do. Before I knew it Friday was upon me and Maddison was arriving for tea. Then it was a busy weekend of playing and then Sunday was a day of cleaning and tidying up and loads more washing again.
I have managed to get a few cards made but only just taken photo's of them.  Too late now to mess about with them so hopefully I will be back earlier tomorrow night when my son as gone to work so I can get to the computer.
Hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hi folks have managed to have a play today, first time this week. I decided to make two Thank you cards with my box of goodies that I received last week. There was loads of stuff  lots of  little cute decoupage  and toppers. Backing papers in two sizes ,  printed shaped cards and envelopes, ribbons, ric rac, pearls, material, Sticky back fabric on a roll, and lots of sentiments.
For the first card  I stuck a piece of embossed card down and wrapped a ribbon around it, then added a paper ribbon sentiment trip on top. I cut one of the shaped cards in half and stuck that to the top of the card. Using one of the backing papers I cut a frame with a Marianne die,  added one of the little decoupage images in the center . I only used part of the decoupage . I added Thank you with the lovely cross stitch sticky back letters. Cut some flowers and added lace flower centers. The inside of the card was decorated with the left over piece of embossed card. On top of which I stuck the circle of pale blue backing paper which was from the center of my die cut frame. In to that I added the spare pink scalloped frame then offset onto this I stuck the spare image of Till Daydream on the couch with her little brother.
My next card was also covered with embossed card. To the left of my card I stuck some of the patchwork paper which I cut to shape. On top of that I cut put a little cross work sampler. Added one of the lovely paper ribbon borders. Out of the pink backing paper I cut  a square doily and used this to frame my topper, I also added a little sentiment then my flowers. To decorate the inside I have used the spare patchwork backing paper and a small image.
I am sending one card to Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine and the other to Do crafts to say Thank you for my lovely gift.
Hope your all having a good week, happy crafting. Love and hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hi folks have been busy in the craft room, sorting boxes and having a tidy up. I have sorted all my boxes of stamps they where in boxes but the boxes were too small and every time I went to look for one they soon got in a mess. So pleased to say they are more easily  to find now. Have also rearranged all my shelves now and they look a bit better.
I had a large box of craft stuff arrive on Monday, it was £100 worth of Tilly Daydream  goodies in fact the full kit. It was a gift from Cardmaking and Papercraft. I am being featured on a two page spread for Cancer awareness campaign in October's magazine. I  was not aware of the gift when I was rung and  asked to  take part , so it was a lovely surprise. So a big thank you to Cardmaking and Papercraft and Docrafts.  I was pleased to take part if it only helps one person to be more aware to check themselves regularly for Breast Cancer. The magazine should be in the shops by about the 4th September.
Thanks for dropping by. Your kind comments are much appreciated. Crafty love and hugs. x ChrisB

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Afternoon folks,  the weather is very wet here just a day to stop inside and craft  or look at blogs  on the internet. That's what I have been doing for the past hour catching up with everyone else's lovely makes. I better show you mine, so I can go and have some lunch.
I have finished a few cards the first ones are Christmas. This one was water coloured and glittered. All the stamps I used are Sheena Douglas Christmas stamps.

This next card also used Sheena's stamps This was also created using water paints.A
cuttlebug embossing folder and Marianne die.. The strip of paper inside the card was  a scrap that  I had printed off a cd. Sorry can't remember which one.

This last card is a digi stamp from Joanna Sheen's triple House Mouse cd. I coloured it with coloured pencils and a paper stump.
Hope your all having a good day. See you soon with some more crafty makes. Thanks for dropping by
Crafty love and hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Two days of playing around

Hi folks two lovely days of playing around and I have finished my first mirror. I have covered the mirror with a piece of paper so I could get a photo. This is the first time I have tri
ed anything like this and I am quite pleased with how it turned out.
I  used gesso and painted my mirror frame then used  Eco Friendly acrylic paint colour Lake for my base coat. I then used a bit of kitchen sponge with holes pulled in. I sponged Lime and Blue Patina over. I then added a more pale jade colour. I stamped on tissue paper and coloured on the wrong side with coloured pencils. I stuck these on with melted beeswax then more beeswax over the top. In the blank places I stamped with gold paint and a chicken wire stamp also in the Patina paint with diamonds stamp. I added some frantage with white and gold powder.  The corners were covered in Croco paint and left to dry then stuck on the other two corners I embossed with gold embossing powder .  I decided to add a 3d butterfly , this was made with two different die cuts which I embossed gold also. I cut the first one out and stuck it onto my dirty wet wipe from cleaning my paint up with. I cut around this and then added some glitter. Next I added the other on top. To finish off I also decided to 3d my two flowers and painted some wax through some sequin waste and colour with gilding wax.
All of these items were new to me and I had a wonderful time being creative and learning new things.
Thanks for calling by. I hope you have been having some crafting fun to. See you soon. Hugs x ChrisB

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sorry folks not managed to make anything yet on the crafting front. Had a busy week, last Friday had to visit Occupational Health. Then on Monday I had to go to my appointment with The Neurologist. He wants me to go for a MR scan, and another appointment to have further tests on my legs.
My appointment as just come through today for the scan the middle of August.
On a better note we are round to Friday again so my lovely Granddaughter will be here for a weekend of fun. Just hope the weather behaves it's self then she can burn some of her energy up outside.
Hope you all have a good weekend. Love and hugs. x ChrisB

Monday, 22 July 2013

A Little bit of painting.

Hello folks, it's been a little cooler here today thank goodness. Hope you've all been having fun with your crafting. I have managed to finish a little bit of painting.  Watercolour painting that is, not into the decorating sort of painting, that's too much like hard work.
I stamped my background card. I then also embossed a snowflake mask that I borrowed off my friend onto the blue card. I then cut a frame die of Memory box , sprayed it with stick and stay and glittered it. Also did the same to some Marianne snow flakes. I watercoloured Sheena Douglas's Christmas stamp with one colour of blue paint, then added just a touch of yellow in the windows. Glitted the snow and it was finished.
Off  to catch up with other peoples blogs. See you all soon. Happy crafting. Thanks for calling by Love and hugs x ChrisB

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hi on this hot sunny evening, I have been very warm this afternoon trying to give my kitchen a clean. Everything takes me twice as long these days, after about 15 mins of working I have to have at least 15mins sat down to recover. Then start all over again, still the jobs get done eventually.
I'm all Christmassy again tonight,  I made a wreath of Holly leaves for the first card. It uses just a tiny stamp of two leaves. I stamped it  once then turned it round the opposite way and stamped again. I then just continued around in a circle. for the background I just stamped the berries. I embossed the Holly leaves and added glitter to the berries.

For the second card I stamped my red circle and then my sentiment. I stamped my gingerbread man in pale brown all around my circle. After it had dryed I overstamped using a darker brown pigment ink and embossed them. The background uses two tiny snowflake stamps from the same set of Inky Doodle stamps.
Thats two more for my box, I'm determined that I will get all my Christmas cards done early this year.
Off to look at some other blogs to see what other people have been doing. Then I going to put my feet up and have an ice cream.
Hope you are all doing something nice. Thanks for popping by. Hugs x ChrisB

Monday, 15 July 2013

When is a stamp not a stamp.

Hello  hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Don't the weeks go so quick? Or is it that I am just getting old.
My son asked me to make a card for his girlfriend. She works delivering the post and loves cats, so I combined them both to make her card. I'm just hoping that she likes it.

I used  a stamp I have had years for the stamp, I just love those cats posting the letters. I stamped it twice and decoupaged the bag and the cats. The cats at the bottom are Joanna Sheen stamps. I also stamped a couple more inside  along with my verse. I also used Friskers stamp punch.
Steph also likes to play rounders, so here is another card from me and my OH.

Did a pile of ironing and now off to do some more while it is cool. Thanks for dropping by, all your comments are appreciated. Hugs x ChrisB

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Looking after the birds

Hello all hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine and that it's not been too hot for you. I went out shopping quite early this morning so as not to get burnt. I was lucky that I ran into a neighbour and she kindly offered me a lift home, which I was rather glad of.
This afternoon I went to visit my best friend and played with her granddaughter, had a lovely time.
I have been making some cards where the birds are being well looked after. They are all the lovely House Mouse who are so adorable. The first card is for Dad as he once had a budgie like this one.
The next two where made just off one printed sheet. I have used my Spellbinders and Marianne dies and a bit of glitter. 

I am making all my Christmas cards flat this year so hopefully it won't cost me an absolute fortune.
Have fun crafting, thanks for visiting. Hugs x ChrisB

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Another hot one.

Wow another hot one today. My friend took me to Inspirations at Preston, we watched Sheena demonstrating and  had a lovely time but it was very hot inside and out. But we both had a great time and came home with some goodies to play with.
I tried to post some cards yesterday but Mr Blogger wasn't playing at all.
Here is another Christmas card with some lovely corners that one of my lovely blogger friends sent me.
This second card was made with a Chocolate Baroque stamp and I cut it to an oval shape and put a frame around it. I have used spellbinders dies and the heart behind the image was given to me by another friend.
My last card was made using my home made stamp positioner that I posted a picture of a couple of weeks ago.
Hope you have all been enjoying the brilliant sunshine. Thanks for visiting me all your comments are much appreciated. Happy crafting. Love and hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Round the bend

Hi folks a quick call in tonight to show you a quick card I made using  my new die.
I love all my Marianne dies they all cut 300gm card no matter how intricate they are. They never need shims or magnetic sheets to get them to cut, like some dies I won't mention. I used free paper and Hunkadory Topper and added some gems. Happy crafting. Hugs x ChrisB

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Make my Monday challenge

Hi folks over at Make my Monday challenge they are asking for a Christmas card in July so here is mine. I have used Sheena Douglas stamp and Spellbinders die. I used Stormy sky distress ink and promarkers to colour the bird. Added spray and sparkle and then some glitter and added a ribbon. My first completed for 2013.
Hope you've been inspired to join in. Hugs x ChrisB

Monday, 1 July 2013

Hello all

Hello all  finally got time to sit down and have a bit of me time. I spent a lovely couple of hours actually sitting in the sun in my friends garden and having a lovely chat.
I'm posting two cards tonight, the first was mase from a envelope that was junk mail I aded some die cuts, warren the rabbit image. I stamped some seed packets which were coloured with promarkers. Then I added some stitching around the whole card and my image. I also stamped my sentiment.
The second card is a Joanna Sheen decoupage picture. I have used it differently as I wanted to put it into a frame. It is a card I have made for my friends birthday next month. Ialso embossed some Hunkadory card and used a Kanban sentiment. I added glitter to the flowers but it doesn't show up well in the photo.
Well that's all for tonight folks. Thanks for popping in. Happy crafting Hugs x ChrisB

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hi folks sorry I've been a bad blogger, I have been crafting I made a card with my new free stamps just used two of the sets. I have made this to send to the magazine as a thank you card for pulling my name out.
I  cut a cente stepper card out and did some masking to stamp the wording background. Then I stamped the fish image and coloured with promarkers. I then glazed the fish, unfortunately it doesn't show up on my photo. I added a bit of net to finish.
I have also been crafting of a different sort, Last week I found a little house that had been put in a skip just near my house. I thought what a shame to throw it away, so rescued it. It was in a sorry state with a tiny bit of straw stuck to it's roof and just markers pens drawn on it to make it a thatched type cottage.
So I set to with some sandpaper and a tub of gesso, acylic paint and some rubber stamps. I have made it into a beach hut for some little mice.  I hope you like it. I've taken a few pictures of my little garden and my flowers.

I stamped the mice but have drawn the lifebouy and the bunting this picture is before I gave it a door.
Silly me haven't saved a picture with the door. Thanks for calling by, happy crafting hugs x ChrisB

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Free Crafting Goodies.

I had a lovely surprise on Saturday morning. Hubby came in with a packet for me and asked what I had ordered. I hadn't  I had done the crossword in my last months Cardmaking and Papercraft .I had totally forgotton about it and  to my surprise had won. Lovely fishing stamps, 3 sets all by Woodware called. Casting The Bait, Gone Fishing, and What a Catch. Also included was a Sakura Glaze pen and Colourbox
chalk inks Big Top lovely free crafing Goodies.
 Haven't managed any crafting this weekend as we have been busy with Maddison here and Fathers day today. I'm also busy tomorrow as I have to go back for another Kidney blood test it was really low last month so fingers crossed it's improved. I can do without anything else being wrong. I still have my appointment with the Neurologist yet next month.
Hope you have all enjoyed your weekends.
See you soon Hugs x ChrisB

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Somethings happened while I was not here.

Is it me or as something happened to all the blogs we followed?  My list seems to have disappeared and I can't see what everyone as been up too. All the pictures have disappeared too. Is there anything I can do to get them back?

I have three card to show you all today. I have been rooting out images that have been in my box for ages, also bits of papers to use up. This card uses one of Creative Expressions ladies stamps, I borrowed this one from my friend and stamped on to paper. The left hand side of  my background was ripped out of a magazine then stuck to a small piece of backing paper . The right handside of my card was a tiny piece of glittered card. I have used a Marianne die and added some lovely pearls. The tiny blue flowers were the ones I stamped and made a card with a few weeks ago.

This second card is made with a stamp I borrowed about 6 years ago . I coloured it with H2os , this is mounted on another scrap of backing paper . I have added the new Tattered Rose Dragonfly and glittered it. In the background is the Joy Vintage flourish flower die .

The last one today is made with scraps of paper again and a Warren Image that was in a bundle I won ages ago. I also used a Newwlie Sneddon die, added glitter and ribbon and of course some lovely gems.
Hope you are all having a bit brighter weather today than me. It's miserable and wet here and also rather cooler. I'm off to find a cardigan to put on. Happy crafting . Hugs x ChrisB