Tuesday, 29 November 2011

cards at last

Hi although I've not been on the computer much this week. I have been doing a bit of crafting and managed to make some cards at last.
The first card is a new stamp by Debbie Moore aand I have made a card for my friend who loves Angels. It's her birthday soon. I have used Distress inks, gold spray, promarkers and glaze pen.

I've also made another few cards for my friends Christmas card box, they were made using a set that my best friend gave me .They included rub ons, cards, embellishments. I just made quick cards.

The last few are Christmas cards to write and send off.
I am off to the hospital again, I rang them to tell them I still have my infection. They still want me to go and said they might start my chemo. There is a strike on tomorrow so don't know how long it will take them to pick me up and as for getting home I dread to think after all the time I waited last week.
Have fun hopefully will catch up with you all soon. Love and hugs xChrisB

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A no go

Hi after spending 3 hours at the hospital they decided it was a no go with my chemo. I saw the doctor yesterday at the hospital and he said my infection was healing up slowly and he was happy about it. But today they said I couldn't go ahead because of the infection or I could end up worse off. I then had to spend another half hour back in the breast unit, to see the doctor from yesterday again for more antibiotics. Then I waited another 3 hours for transport back home. What a day.
One good thing about it I have managed to write all my cards just have to pay for all the postage now. Dread to think how much that will cost.
Another good thing my new washer is coming tomorrow I will finally be able to catch up with all my washing.
I hope you have all started your Christmas cards. This is the first year I have been organised so early. It was a good job as things have turned out. Happy crafting Hugs x ChrisB

Monday, 21 November 2011

Just catching up

Just been catching up with the blogs I've missed this week. Some gorgeous cards out there. I have managed to make a few more cards to add to my friends box of about 45 for her Christmas box. Have been trying to make some more cards suitable for men. The one enjoyed making the most was the seascape one. First time I have used those stamps and I think it came out quite well. Only thing I think is wrong is the clouds.
I have also managed to wrap all my Christmas presents bar two. Going to start on writing my Christmas cards when I get back from hospital tomorrow.

I have been a bit upset this week my washing machine as broke and is beyond repair. Just when I could do without any more hiccups.Start chemo on Wednesday I will just be glad when I see the back of this year. Happy crafting have a good week. Hugs x ChrisB

Monday, 14 November 2011

Snowman and a card.

 Well I have finally got to take a photo of my snowman I made He as a can of men deodorant in the middle for my son. I've got him some more toiletries but not decided hopw to pack them yet.
I've been playing about with some new Urban butterfly papermania stamps. I've used Rock candy, Dusty Concord and Tattered Rose and a green one sorry forgot the name of it. It's a birthday card for a friend.
I've been at the hosptal again as my infection as seemed to spread allover and under my arm. My surgeon wasn't too worried but tryed to get some fluid out and didn't manage it after three attempts. So I have to return again tomorrow for a ultrasound. I've been taking the antibiotics for 4 days now and I thought I might have seen a slight improvement, but to me it looks 10 times worse and is bright red. I'm just praying for some improvement as next week I'm at Christies in Manchester for a heart test then back at Bolton on Tuesday for blood tests then I'm supposed to start my Chemo Wednesday.
Hopefully I might get a bit of crafting done later in the week fingers crossed. Hope you are all doing fine out there and having fun with your crafting. Hope to see you soon. Hugs x ChrisB

Friday, 11 November 2011

Hi folks better late than never.

Hi folks better late than never, I thought I wasn't going to  make it back to you all this week.
What a week, I have been back to the hospital again 3 times. I now have an infection in my breast and had to take antibotics, they gave me some yesterday on my visit. Took them and then some more first thing this morning. Found out at 10am this morning I was covered in a rash. Rang the hospital and had to go back this afternoon. It has filled up again but they don't want to put another needle into it or I could get an abcess. I'm back to the same situation I've been  in for the last 3 weekends , just a load of pain again I saw my surgeon this morning and he couldn't understand why I was having so much pain. But he did agree to stronger pain killers, so fingers crossed they work better.
I have done a bit of crafting I have made a snowman and a card. Will try and take a photo and post them over the weekend if I can get into my craftroom.
I wish you all a great weekend what ever you are doing. Hugs x ChrisB

Sunday, 6 November 2011

One lot finished.

Hi have actually managed to get one lot of presents finished for my lovely daughter, just a few stocking fillers really. I wanted to make them look nice so decided to make some boxes and decorate them. I used Centura pearl A3 card and used Spellbinders dies, my friends punch for the borders, gold card and glitter. My first box was 11 and half inches , the next 10 and a half and the top one 9 and half inches square. The bottom is socks, the second in toiletries and tealights and the top one is two sorts of different chocolates.
She's not girlie, girlie at all. I usually give her the money to buy herself something, she's really hard to buy for she doesn't like a lot of possesions as she is for ever moving about with her job and she's only in size 6 clothing and tends to buy boys clothing for age 9 year olds and size 2 trainers as she is so tiny. You wouldn't believe she's 33years old if you saw her. She still gets ask for ID all the time.
Hope you have all had a good weekend. I'm off to watch X Factor in a bit when I have managed to tidy up a bit and done my exercises. I'd better go and take some painkillers. See you soon hopefully.Thanks for your lovely comments. Hugs x Chris

Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments. I had a very busy this week at the hospital 5 days out of seven. Inspite of having my breast drained twice this week, Monday and Thursday the dammed thing as filled up again and I am in the same predicament as last week, department shut until Monday . Inspite of being in alot of discomfort I am definatently not going through the same perfomance today. I am definately staying put at home. I had my Body scan and my Bone scan and have to wait for the results now. I also have to go to Christies for a heart test but not got a date for that yet. I start my Chemo on the 23rd November. I have an appointment for tomorrow morning and the way this keeps filling up I bet I'm back again later in the week. I wish the thing would dry up, it's so fustrating .

I have managed to do a bit of crafting. I have made some square boxes and filled them with stocking fillers for my Daughter. I just have to finish decorating them  then I will show you. I have also made a couple of little cards to go with some I made a couple of months ago.
I hope you are all well and having a great weekend. Hugs to you all xx ChrisB

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bugger of a weekend

What a bugger of a weekend I had. I was surpossed to be going to a craft show for a couple of hours. Unfortunately it didn't happen. I was in pain with alot of fluid build up. I spent eight and half hours in hospital waiting for a no show Doctor. I was told he might not be qualified to treat you when he turns up. I could n't even get any painkillers. The breast unit only works 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday so if your ill outside of that just forget it because there is no help at all. I finally had the fluid removed at 10am Monday morning.
I am at the hospital everyday this week I am having more pain at the moment than when I had my operation. I am so sore and struggling to do my exercises, they have told me that I might fill up again with fluid for 6 or 7 times.
I hope not, this is really dragging me down at the moment.  I am trying to keep postative for the scans and hoping that they go well. Might not see you much for the rest of the week. Take care have fun Hugs x ChrisB