Friday, 11 November 2011

Hi folks better late than never.

Hi folks better late than never, I thought I wasn't going to  make it back to you all this week.
What a week, I have been back to the hospital again 3 times. I now have an infection in my breast and had to take antibotics, they gave me some yesterday on my visit. Took them and then some more first thing this morning. Found out at 10am this morning I was covered in a rash. Rang the hospital and had to go back this afternoon. It has filled up again but they don't want to put another needle into it or I could get an abcess. I'm back to the same situation I've been  in for the last 3 weekends , just a load of pain again I saw my surgeon this morning and he couldn't understand why I was having so much pain. But he did agree to stronger pain killers, so fingers crossed they work better.
I have done a bit of crafting I have made a snowman and a card. Will try and take a photo and post them over the weekend if I can get into my craftroom.
I wish you all a great weekend what ever you are doing. Hugs x ChrisB


  1. You are certainly having a rough time at present - lets hope the antibiotics kick in soon. Look forward to seeing your snowman etc when you feel up to it.
    Take care - hugs Val x

  2. You are such and amazing lady Chris - each week I am stunned by how you cope. I do wish that it didn't have to go through all the pain that you are, the infection, the fluid, and the rash - you simply do not deserve it. I am praying that the antibiotics kick in asap and cure the infection and fluid and that the painkillers kick in right away to give you some pain free space so that you can relax and enjoy your cardmaking

  3. Oh Chris, I'm so sad for you, an infection on top of everything else is not funny. Whatever you do keep taking the painkillers, you need them for keeping down the inflamation as well as pain relief. I learn't that just recently myself, with my post op infection! I do hope that you feel better really soon, hugs Gay xxx