Monday, 21 November 2011

Just catching up

Just been catching up with the blogs I've missed this week. Some gorgeous cards out there. I have managed to make a few more cards to add to my friends box of about 45 for her Christmas box. Have been trying to make some more cards suitable for men. The one enjoyed making the most was the seascape one. First time I have used those stamps and I think it came out quite well. Only thing I think is wrong is the clouds.
I have also managed to wrap all my Christmas presents bar two. Going to start on writing my Christmas cards when I get back from hospital tomorrow.

I have been a bit upset this week my washing machine as broke and is beyond repair. Just when I could do without any more hiccups.Start chemo on Wednesday I will just be glad when I see the back of this year. Happy crafting have a good week. Hugs x ChrisB


  1. Christine these cards are wonderful... I partucularly like the wind blown tree.. fabulous!
    Most days I send you a cyber hug(}~{) Hope the treatment goes well.
    Thinking of you
    Suzi B xx

  2. Gorgeous cards Christine my favourite is the seascape one, clever you:0) The clouds look fabulous to me! Shame about the washing machine:{ I hope the Chemo goes well and is over quickly, you've been so brave, sending gentle hugs and a wish for a much happier time to come to you soon, Gay xxx

  3. I can't see a thing wrong with the clouds Chris. I think the whole scene is fabulous and so are the other cards. I've never seen that windblown tree before but it's lovely and what a clever way to use that co-ordinating embossing folder. I might have to 'borrow' that idea as i have that same folder.

    I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday but then I think of you most days to send positive thoughts your way. Take care Buddy.

    Biiiig Hugs
    Lesley Xx

  4. lovely cards Chris - really like the lake one,the water is great and there is nothing wrong with a few clouds! The windblown tree is lovely too, not seen that stamp before, different to the usual tree stamps.
    Good luck with the chemo, hope the fluid and pain is going

  5. Great cards and what a lovely idea for a gift - why didn't I think of that?? sorry to hear about the washing machine.

  6. Thanks for letting me know about that stencil Chris. I wondered how you'd got them blowing in different directions, lol! Lavinia (or rather Tracey) designed those stencils for someone else to market I think. I remember seeing them on the stand opposite the Lavinia one at the HSNW show in October. I'll find them!

    Hope you're okay today.

    Big Hugs
    Lesley Xx

  7. Your cards are stunning - and my goodness you have achieved so very much - puts me to shame!

    What a pain with your washing machine - grrrrr.

    Hope the chemo is over pdq.

    You are brilliant - truly inspirational and amazing