Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hello sorry I've not been around. I'm halfway through my radiotherepy and things are ok so far. Not done any crafting I'm afraid. What with exercises and putting sandwiches up and waiting for transport , to and from Christies I haven't had much time . I also am trying to have a couple of short walks everyday to try and get properly mobile again. The tingling in my feet drives me mad, but determined to get through it. I just hope that eventually I will be one of the lucky ones and it goes away.I have been told it could take inbetween a year and two years.
Never mind enough of that, the sun is shining here today and that is lovely to see if only for a short time.They have forcasted rain for the next 3 days, nothing new there. I hope you have all managed to get some crafting in and are all well.  See you all again soon I hope. Love and Hugs x ChrisB

Friday, 8 June 2012

Hi all how are you coping with our lovely british weather. It's never stopped raining here since I but all my flowers  out in their hanging baskets and pots. The yard is awash with water and Hubby is fed up as he can't get the rest of the yard painted and straight. It's totally like a bombs hit hit.  It's a good job I'm not around much.
Yesterday I went for my bone density scan, it was realy good as my best friend took me . We didn't know but we were both booked for the same day. We got that over then went craft shopping for all the cellophane bags I needed for my cards. Needless to say new Papermania Urban stamps  a watch background and butterfly background, also some bookprint paper managed to accidently  fall into my basket. A girl definately needs a treat especially when she hasn't been craft shopping for 8 months, that's what I say anyway.
Today I had my first radiotherepy treatment, I am there until the 28th June when I have my final one.
I don't know how much time I well get to blog as they say it makes most people tired.  Also I don't know what time I will get home as I'm also waiting around  for transport. But never mind I'm nearly there and it as to be done then I can start to think of the future.
Hopefully I'll get to post something. Wishing you a good weekend despite the horrible weather. Love and Hugs xxChrisB

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hi there, on this dull Jubilee Tuesday. The weather is dull, windy and showers feels more like winter than our summer.
I have nothing to show you at the moment. I have been spending time putting inserts into 40 cards I
have  made for the hospital. It's taken me longer to sort out all the inserts and find the matching envelopes than make the cards in the first place. Must start making the inserts as I go along. I just have to get the cellophane bags to put them in and a nice box then they are done.
I hope all you folks out there have enjoyed the Jubilee weekend. Had a very quiet weekend here but very nice as my daughter came home on Friday night until yesterday lunch time. We went out for a meal on Sunday evening which was very nice. I enjoyed watching the Jubilee concert last night although I missed a few of the first acts. I just joined it when the Queen did.
I won't be around for a couple of days as I have two hospital appointments. I will have to try and get a card started then I will have something to show you.  Happy crafting and have fun. Hugs x ChrisB