Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hi there, on this dull Jubilee Tuesday. The weather is dull, windy and showers feels more like winter than our summer.
I have nothing to show you at the moment. I have been spending time putting inserts into 40 cards I
have  made for the hospital. It's taken me longer to sort out all the inserts and find the matching envelopes than make the cards in the first place. Must start making the inserts as I go along. I just have to get the cellophane bags to put them in and a nice box then they are done.
I hope all you folks out there have enjoyed the Jubilee weekend. Had a very quiet weekend here but very nice as my daughter came home on Friday night until yesterday lunch time. We went out for a meal on Sunday evening which was very nice. I enjoyed watching the Jubilee concert last night although I missed a few of the first acts. I just joined it when the Queen did.
I won't be around for a couple of days as I have two hospital appointments. I will have to try and get a card started then I will have something to show you.  Happy crafting and have fun. Hugs x ChrisB


  1. Shame about the weather - raining steadily here for most of the day and cold too. I always mean to make inserts as I go along and then the cards start to pile up and I have to have a marathon session - takes ages as you say. Take care.

  2. Congratulations on making so many cards - they'll be absolutely thrilled to bits and make lots of money I'm sure.

    So glad that you daughter came for the weekend and that you had time together and a lovely evening out.

    It's raining heavily here - hey ho - at least I cut one of the lawns today

  3. Hi Chris. I missed most of the concert too - faffing around in my craft room and achieving nothing. Saw it from just after Kylie was on and wished I'd been downstairs to watch it all.
    I've never had that many cards all at once to do inserts for. What a nightmare.
    Hope it's good news at the hospital appointments and all is going well for you.
    Beryl xx