Thursday, 16 February 2012

Been busy crafting

Today at last I have some crafting to show you. I have been busy but I have had to do all my crafting in bed. I have been in bed for a week most of the time as I have been very breathless and feeling fatigued. I just got to the point were I was just exhausted keep trying to get up our steep stairs to the toilet.  I have three cards to show you. The first was a acetate easel card I was commisioned to make for Valentines day and they wanted it purple. Very hard to photograph. The second card is also a commision for a little girl who likes things girly. It's also the first handbag card I have made. Thanks to my best friend for lending me her template. The last card is for my very Special Darling Maddison who will be 4 on the 28thFeb. She is mad about Harry Potter she as to watch it everytime she comes around. I have used My craft Studio to create the background dragon and scroll. Harry and Hermione were created using Lili of the valley stamp. I stamped a little girls head  from a pergamano stamp and stuck it over the orginal head for Hermione.
I am off back to bed now and a grand tidyup. I will leave the state of the bed to your imagination. All I am going to say on the matter is , I'm not a tidy crafter.
Take care and have fun. Will be back soon hopefully with some more creations. Love and Hugs to you all.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lets have a cuddle

Hello I have actually managed to do a bit of crafting . For my first card I used a stamp that belongs to my friend. It's a Little girl cuddling her teddy on the fence. I coloured it then thought it was missing something. I looked through my stamps and found a papermania set that I had not used yet. I liked the look of the foxgloves and a very tiny butterfly. For the grass at the bottom I just turned the fox gloves upside down. I then inked the background with a make up sponge. The second card is made using My craft studio  Cromford bear and some Vellum also card candi.
I'm sorry I'm not leaving comments about your cards. I am managing to look at some. But I feel so fatigued all the time. I do appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments. Love and Hugs to you all x xx ChrisB

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Worst luck.

I think I must have the worst luck or been terrible in my past life. Things just keep being a problem for me. After 4 attempts they finally got the needle in . They started my chemo and after about 20 mins they had to stop. The chemo had leaked into my vein. They said it had never happened before there for over 6 years. They had to stop and get a drug made to try and stop the effects of the chemo breaking my tissue dow in my hand.  They had 6 hours for me to start with it. I finally had it at 4 oclock. I have go to back tomorrow and also Friday for the same treatment. They have a 3 hour window for it then both days. Then I just have to pray that the treatment works.  On Monday I have to go to Christies to see if I can have a line put in. Then I go back next wednesday for Chemo again.
Sorry to bore you all with this but I feel much better if I get it off my chest.

On a better note I have managed to make two cards this week. Also have managed to remember to take a photo of my Air dry clay leaves I made whilst I was layed up in. I painted them with H20s. I don't think the pictures shows the shine. Take care and have fun playing. See you soon. Love and Hugs x ChrisB