Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Worst luck.

I think I must have the worst luck or been terrible in my past life. Things just keep being a problem for me. After 4 attempts they finally got the needle in . They started my chemo and after about 20 mins they had to stop. The chemo had leaked into my vein. They said it had never happened before there for over 6 years. They had to stop and get a drug made to try and stop the effects of the chemo breaking my tissue dow in my hand.  They had 6 hours for me to start with it. I finally had it at 4 oclock. I have go to back tomorrow and also Friday for the same treatment. They have a 3 hour window for it then both days. Then I just have to pray that the treatment works.  On Monday I have to go to Christies to see if I can have a line put in. Then I go back next wednesday for Chemo again.
Sorry to bore you all with this but I feel much better if I get it off my chest.

On a better note I have managed to make two cards this week. Also have managed to remember to take a photo of my Air dry clay leaves I made whilst I was layed up in. I painted them with H20s. I don't think the pictures shows the shine. Take care and have fun playing. See you soon. Love and Hugs x ChrisB


  1. gorgeous cards christine and I'm so sorry that you had a nightmare day....fingers crossed all goes well next time...sending big hugs kath xxx

  2. Hi Christine, Oh dear rotten luck, bad enough to have to go through Chemo without it going wrong, you moan all you like if it helps:0) Wonderful cards and very pretty leaves this crafting lark can help a little. I hope you have a better few days now, sounds like you're due a little luck, hugs xxx

  3. Oh my poor Christine - what a bad time of things you have been having. I do so hope that once you get past this hurdle - that it will be the last run of bad luck that you have and that things will get better for you very soon.

    Your cards are stunning as always - you truly amaze me and you have done a most fantastic job with the air clay - my air dry clay just gets messed up. A bad worker blaming my tools methinks.

    I think I will follow your lead and have a go at something easier - your leaves are such an inspiration.

    Thinking of you my treasure


  4. Oh dear Chris you certainly seem to be having a bad time of it - hope they sort it all out for you really quickly. Thinking about you - take care. Two really pretty cards and the leaves look great.
    Hugs Val W

  5. OH! Chris What can I say? I'm so sorry it's just one of those things that would most likely happen to me as well, keep positive I'm sure they will have to put things right because it would reflect badly on them if they don't I think that I would ask to be treated elsewhere if It was me as I would loose all confidence in them after that!
    Good to see you keep on going with your crafts
    I bet it is the only thing that keeps you sane at the moment along with Maddison, hope you get to see plenty of her. Hope to see you soon love to you all x
    sheilagh :)

  6. Ouch Chris {{{{bighug}}}} hope your feeling better today xx great makes as always xx

  7. I'm thinking of you Christine :) loving those cards.