Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hi folks

Hi folks back from hospital had my second chemo eventually. Had another problem day. Transport got me there for 10.15. Then at 11 when my chemo was due to start they said they needed to re take my bloods as ther e was problem. My liver function test had not been done and my white cells were down. At 2 o'clock they then called me into the office to tell me my bloods had come back and they were ok. There was another problem the machine that makes my chemo had broke and they didn't know if they could fix it. They wanted me to go back next week. The nurse was very good and stuck to her guns and said I couldn't go back next week and that I need ed it doing. They told me it would be an hour before they knew whether the machine could be fixed. Then anothe hour to flush it out and mix my chemo drugs. Did I want to go home and go back tomorrow. I said no I would stick it out to see if it could be fixed. I eventually started my chemo at 4.30. Tranport was to pick me up at 5. It came at 6.15 so got back at 6.30.
As i type this fingers crossed I feel ok at the moment. I have to have a booster injection for the next 5 days. Last time I just had one big one. They have changed it to 5 smaller amounts had I had terrible chest pains with that and this hopefully will be a little better.

I have posted this card before but just posted it again to wish you all a very   Jolly Christmas and a very Healthy and Happy New year. I have realy appreciated all your lovely comments  and visits to my blog and I wanted to say a Very Big Thank You to all of you my blogging Buddies. I hope to see you all soon. Lots of Love and Hugs x Chris

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Flower delights

Hi everyone I have had a lovely weekend. Had Maddison for tea on Friday after nursery, she was good but kept shouting alot. Then we had her visit all afternoon on Saturday as Daddy needed to do some Christmas shopping. We had a lovely time watching Angelina Ballerina. Also dressing up as Cinderella I also had to dress up as the queen and Grandad as the Prince. Then we had to have the loud music on and a stripteeze session as she wanted her Sparkly dancing skirt and her top on.  We also spent about an hour while I was Father Christmas saying Ho Ho Ho to every doll while they came an visited. Maddison was a Sparkly Ballerina Elf going to look for the presents while I had to pretend to wrap them up so she could give them to the toys. We had a lovely day and lots and lots of fun but where both shattered by the time she went home after eating her tea.

I have managed to do some more crafting and had a lovely time with my distressing inks and some new decoupage. I have made some flower delights. Sorry about last photo took it wonky.
I hope your all having a good weekend off to get dressed now as I have been having a lazy morning. Hope to see you all soon have fun crafting. Hugs x ChrisB

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Red, white and Blue.

Here's the picture I promised. I stamped the image and coloured with Pro markers. The backing papers were from  the magazine Homemade a little while back. The flowers were made with a Marianne die and  a Spellbinders snowflake set die, curled and a button on top. Also used a Martha Stewart punch.

I have had a lovely day to day as Maddison as been around for a few hours, the first time I have seen her for a couple of weeks. Boy had nearly forgotton what a whirlwind she can be. She is growing up so quick. We played at babies and had to have all the musical Christmas Decorations all singing at once. While she ran about all excited and laughing. We had a lovely time.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs x ChrisB

Friday, 9 December 2011

Hi every one  sorry not been around this week. I  have been on a few blogs but have no cards to show you yet. I have been crafting of sorts. Coloured a couple of images in the other day. I have a card drying downstairs as I type this. I have also been making a complete list of all my crafting cd.s and putting them all in order in my folders. Took me ages.
I have finished all my Christmas cards and posted them all out, also finished and wrapped all my Christmas presents. I was at the hospital on Wednesday for a blood test and I don't go again now until the 21st December for my second session of Chemo. My wig is all sorted and I'm having my hair cut very short this weekend as it's due to start coming out any time now or at least the next couple of days.
Hope you all have a good weekend and that all plans for Christmas are going well. Hope to see you all soon with a card to post. Happy crafting Love and Hugs x ChrisB

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Started my treatment.

I went to the hospital yesterday after no transport came, they had cancelled it and never told anyone. The hospital sent a taxi for me when they realised I hadn't turned up. The doctor decided that even though my breast is still quite pink and my 3rd packet of antibiotics finish tomorrow, he was going ahead with the chemo. I was very nervous as they keep having problems with my veins collapsing. She had trouble at first but finally managed it ok. I don't like needles at all.
I felt very rough in bed last night and had a blinding head all night. I also had sweats and sneezing all night and all day today. So I've been keeping a close watch on my temperature. Dave also had to give me an injection in my stomach today. That was a booster for my immune system that also gave me a slight headache. I stayed in bed all day and watched  C&C and tryed to drink more than I usually do that was quite a struggle. Off to bed in a minute to take all my medication, hoping for a better night fingers crossed.
Hoping I feel a bit better tomorrow so I can craft a bit. Hugs to you all x ChrisB