Friday, 9 December 2011

Hi every one  sorry not been around this week. I  have been on a few blogs but have no cards to show you yet. I have been crafting of sorts. Coloured a couple of images in the other day. I have a card drying downstairs as I type this. I have also been making a complete list of all my crafting cd.s and putting them all in order in my folders. Took me ages.
I have finished all my Christmas cards and posted them all out, also finished and wrapped all my Christmas presents. I was at the hospital on Wednesday for a blood test and I don't go again now until the 21st December for my second session of Chemo. My wig is all sorted and I'm having my hair cut very short this weekend as it's due to start coming out any time now or at least the next couple of days.
Hope you all have a good weekend and that all plans for Christmas are going well. Hope to see you all soon with a card to post. Happy crafting Love and Hugs x ChrisB


  1. Hello there Chris, Lovely to see you here again and that you're feeling well enough to blog:0) It sounds as if you've been really busy and organised, wish I was LOL
    My mum lost her hair after her chemo but it's surprising how quickly it grew back. I wish you lots of luck for the next session, hopefully you'll feel well for Christmas, sending lots of good wishes, Gay xxx

  2. Hi Chris, lovely to see you. You are way ahead of me I've only just realized how behind I am with my preperations .. you are amazing! Good luck with the treatment and see you soon.
    Suzi B xx

  3. You are so organized and put me to shame. I am in such awe of you.

    Glad you've got a bit of time before your next session.

    I hope to get going on my Christmas cards tomorrow with a bit of luck.

    God bless

    Thinking of you

  4. Good to hear from you and that you are organised for christmas and have managed some gentle crafting. Organising your CDs sounds a good idea and something I should do instead of relying on my memory.
    Hugs Val