Thursday, 1 December 2011

Started my treatment.

I went to the hospital yesterday after no transport came, they had cancelled it and never told anyone. The hospital sent a taxi for me when they realised I hadn't turned up. The doctor decided that even though my breast is still quite pink and my 3rd packet of antibiotics finish tomorrow, he was going ahead with the chemo. I was very nervous as they keep having problems with my veins collapsing. She had trouble at first but finally managed it ok. I don't like needles at all.
I felt very rough in bed last night and had a blinding head all night. I also had sweats and sneezing all night and all day today. So I've been keeping a close watch on my temperature. Dave also had to give me an injection in my stomach today. That was a booster for my immune system that also gave me a slight headache. I stayed in bed all day and watched  C&C and tryed to drink more than I usually do that was quite a struggle. Off to bed in a minute to take all my medication, hoping for a better night fingers crossed.
Hoping I feel a bit better tomorrow so I can craft a bit. Hugs to you all x ChrisB


  1. I do hope you are feeling a bit better today - take care.
    Hugs - Val

  2. Thinking of you Christine. I do hope that you get a good night's rest, and that you feel more comfortable from now on.


  3. hope you are feeling a bit better now christine...sending big hugs kath xxx

  4. Hi Christine, I've read your posts, I missed so many:{ You've made some wonderful cards, I especially liked the angel one for your friend gorgeous:0)
    It does sound like you've been having a rotten time. With transport being cancelled and waiting 3 hours to get home, it's all a bit much especially when you feel rough. I see you have started your chemo, I hope you don't feel too bad, stay in bed and pamper yourself, I'm sending warm wishes to you for a speedy recovery, hugs Gay xxx