Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hello sorry I've not been around. I'm halfway through my radiotherepy and things are ok so far. Not done any crafting I'm afraid. What with exercises and putting sandwiches up and waiting for transport , to and from Christies I haven't had much time . I also am trying to have a couple of short walks everyday to try and get properly mobile again. The tingling in my feet drives me mad, but determined to get through it. I just hope that eventually I will be one of the lucky ones and it goes away.I have been told it could take inbetween a year and two years.
Never mind enough of that, the sun is shining here today and that is lovely to see if only for a short time.They have forcasted rain for the next 3 days, nothing new there. I hope you have all managed to get some crafting in and are all well.  See you all again soon I hope. Love and Hugs x ChrisB


  1. Good to hear from you and to know that the treatment is going OK. Shame about the weather though - we've had a couple of nice days and as you say more rain forecast from tonight onwards. Good excuse to stay in and play with stamps!!

  2. Hi Chris, glad to hear that the treatment is ok so far... fingers crossed :)
    I remember well my trips to and from Christies all though I was an impatient during the week.
    Enjoy the sun today
    Suzi b xx

  3. Hi Chris
    I'm so pleased that your treatment is going OK! My MIL has not long finished a course of Chemotherapy and she is doing well. She goes for a check up next week are 3 months of it being over!
    Enjoy the weather and get crafting!

    Sarah x

  4. Hi Chris. Lovely to hear from you again. Hope the treatment continues to go OK and you go on to make a full recovery. A walk may be out of the question for the next couple of days (unless you want a soaking) so I hope you make the most of the time by resting up and getting stronger.
    Beryl xx

  5. HI Chris, Lovely to hear from you and good that you're getting on with your treatment although I know it's not easy. I often think of you and wonder how you are. Hopefully it will be finishing soon and you can relax and do some more crafting, Big hugs to you, Gay xxx