Sunday, 6 November 2011

One lot finished.

Hi have actually managed to get one lot of presents finished for my lovely daughter, just a few stocking fillers really. I wanted to make them look nice so decided to make some boxes and decorate them. I used Centura pearl A3 card and used Spellbinders dies, my friends punch for the borders, gold card and glitter. My first box was 11 and half inches , the next 10 and a half and the top one 9 and half inches square. The bottom is socks, the second in toiletries and tealights and the top one is two sorts of different chocolates.
She's not girlie, girlie at all. I usually give her the money to buy herself something, she's really hard to buy for she doesn't like a lot of possesions as she is for ever moving about with her job and she's only in size 6 clothing and tends to buy boys clothing for age 9 year olds and size 2 trainers as she is so tiny. You wouldn't believe she's 33years old if you saw her. She still gets ask for ID all the time.
Hope you have all had a good weekend. I'm off to watch X Factor in a bit when I have managed to tidy up a bit and done my exercises. I'd better go and take some painkillers. See you soon hopefully.Thanks for your lovely comments. Hugs x Chris


  1. Beautiful boxes Chris..just lovely.
    take care
    Suzi B xx

  2. lovely idea Chris, and the boxes are beautiful.
    hope you are not feeling too rough this weekend, hugs xxx

  3. These are beautiful and I'm sure she will love them.
    Hugs Val

  4. What stunning boxes Chris. Very classy and elegant and a lovely way to make simple gifts really special. If I ever get my bum into gear I might have to follow your lead. They are just the sort of thing my Daughter would really appreciate.

    Big Hugs
    Lesley Xx

  5. Well done you! they are lovely and she will love them, hope you have a much better week Chris see you soon no doubt xx
    Sheilagh :)

  6. What a lovely idea, I may have to borrow for sons girlfriend :)

  7. Fab pressie Christine, sounds like the perfect gift for your daughter. I love the snowflake decoration, simply lovely, Gay xxx

  8. This is beautiful, Chris! I love the colors! Did you use a pattern? You asked if I used a pattern for my shoes and purses - yes, and I will send you the link in an email, k? Hugs and much love, my friend!