Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hi folks nothing done on the crafty front I'm afraid. We had Maddison as usual on Friday to stay, then on Saturday night she was sick all over her bed so she had to sleep with me. Then Monday night  my son started being sick, closely followed by me about 3 hours later. I eventually stopped at 6o'clock Tuesday morning. But Hubby had started at 5am. Not good when you all want the bathroom at the same time.
Pleased to say we were all feeling much better by last night.
I had been worried as I was due at the hospital for my results of my Ct scan this morning. I managed to get there and went in before my appointment time. My stomach was churning and I was afraid of what they were going to say. The ct scan did not show up any cancer in my soft tissue, but they think I have some more in my bones. I now have to await an appointment coming through for a bone scan. This should be before Christmas. Then I go back on January 29th for the result and to hear what treatment I will need.

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  1. Oh no. So sorry to hear you've all had the lurgy - glad you all recovered though.Good that the soft tissues scans came good and hope that the bone scan gives a clear idea of which treatment you will be having.
    Beryl xx