Friday, 18 October 2013

Good evening

Good evening, so sorry I didn't manage to post any earlier in the week
. I had a lovely time last Saturday at the Sincerely show at Leigh. Although I was disappointed  that they had taken away half the seating area so that they could use the tables for workshops. This meant that at lunch time my friends and I couldn't all meet up and sit down together, so really missed having a chat with them all. I did manage to get a few things and had a nice time. I did get a Border Memory Die which I could see you could use in several different ways.
I have used it on the next two cards that I have to show you, although the second picture is rubbish. I just can't be bothered taking another photo. I'm feeling rather tired, sorry.On the first card I've used it as a border to make a background. I have also used the two free stamps from a set that was free with Simply cards and Papercraft this month.

On the this next card I have cut the border up to make a Christmas tree.

This week I have also stamped and decorated all the insides of  the Christmas cards I have made for this year. Hopefully next week I will get around to writing them all.  I have also been making my Granddaughter 
a double  quilt cover. She wanted a One Direction quilt cover. I was going to buy her one, but my son got a single one for her. I told him he needed to take it back as her quilt is a double. He never did ,and  lost the recite , so I got the job of making it into a double. Anyway with the material I have left I am going to make her a couple of cushions as well. I hope she doesn't go off them before Christmas, she as been begging for one for ages. I wouldn't mind she's only 5 and half.  I've got the rest of her presents sorted, so just everyone else now.
Well I think my bed is calling me so Happy crafting. Love and hugs x ChrisB


  1. Oh wow - what a fabulous die Chris. Love the way you've used it as a background and also cleverly made it into a Christmas tree.
    I've heard on One Direction but couldn't tell you any of their tracks. Must be old age setting in lol. I'm sure your grand daughter will love the bedspread.
    Hope things are going OK for you on the health front.
    Love and hugs
    Beryl xx

  2. Love how you've used the border die Chris...thinking positive thoughts for you tomorrow...take care..sending hugs kath xxx

  3. Hi Chris, not been online much in past few weeks but have been thinking about you so had you top of my list for a visit. You put me to shame with the amount of things you get done and you've already made very good use of the pretty border die. I also bought that mag just for the stamps and I ordered the Spellbinder dies to go with them last week because I love the shape. Bet it takes me a lot longer to use them than you.

    Lesley Xx