Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hello hope you have all had a great Halloween night. We had a visit off a very excited little devil with a pitchfork and sword  called Maddison. She had been out with her Mum  and then come to us, she wanted to stay and not go home. But went home in the end happily with a pumpkin and bag full of goodies.
She will be back tomorrow for her weekend stay.
I have taken another photo of my box and it turned out much better. Just noticed I missed glueing one of the tiny flaps, so thats been now stuck together.

Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for dropping by your comments are much appreciated.
Love and crafty hugs x ChrisB


  1. A gorgeous box Chris. I was out dancing (ceroc) last night and won't be around all weekend as it's one of our all weekend dances starting today.
    Have a good weekend yourself.
    Beryl xx

  2. What a stunning box Christine!

    How nice to have a visit from a little devil on Halloween

    My little devils are miles and miles away !

  3. Like Lottie my 3 little devils are miles away too and in opposite directions from each other so get togethers are now few and far between :-(.

    Love your beautiful box. Somebody is going to be very lucky to receive that.

    Lesley Xx