Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Today as been a good day, I managed to get several loads of washing done. Also managed to do some cleaning I wanted to do, and the bonus was  the weather stayed fine while I managed to hobble down to our local Tescoes and back. 
I didn't have to make tea as I'd made a big pan of chicken and vegetable soup last night, so that left me time to finish a card.

I am off to the hospital tomorrow for an assessment on my feet , so don't know how long that will take.
Have a good day. Crafty love and hugs x ChrisB


  1. My you were a busy bee yesterday but don't verstretch yourself. Glad you manage time for a crafty play and came up with this gorgeous card. Hope the assessment goes well.
    Beryl xx

  2. No one makes such wonderful cards as you do. You have such a talent

    I hope that you get good news at the hospital and that they can ease the pain in your feet

  3. Hi Chris, first of all let me say how beautiful your card is! You really are a card maker extraordinniare! More importantly though I want to say please don't ever apologise for not visiting me for a while. I definitely understand and am amazed at what you do find the time and energy for. I've been having a good read back on your posts and you made some stunning things. You put me to shame! To be fair to myself although I'm pretty much ok apart from recently diagnosed thyroid trouble, the rest of my nearest dearest are all hitting problems at the same time which means I need chopping into bits, lol! Mum's dementia is steadily getting worse & Son finally succumbed to the stress of the past 2 years but hopefully he's coming out the other side now. Hubby's health hasn't been good since he retired last April and he's being treated for breathing problems. To cap it all he's got to have some surgery in the next few months. Still we'll take each day as it comes and get there somehow.

    As Beryl said don't overdo it and I'll be mustering all the positive thoughts I can for you on the 29th. In the meantime I hope they can help with the pain in your feet.

    Lots of hugs
    Lesley Xx