Saturday, 29 August 2009

Quick christmas cards

At last found a few minutes to post some pics of the cards I made on hols of my quick Christmas cards.
I have also posted a pic of 2 dolls dresses and a little bag I have made for my grandaughter. She is just 18months old. I have bought her 2 dolls and a pram for christmas. So I am trying to kit them all out and also make some knitted things as well. I think I have my work cut out for me as I have also to make about 100 christmas cards as well.
I am tired at the moment , I am minding our grandaughter for 10hours a day for five days while her Mum and Dad are working, then I go back to work on Tuesday. I love having her and she is a joy to be with. We have lots of fun. Last week she had her first stamping session, she kept saying more, more for paper to stamp on. We both ended up covered in blue ink and needles to say ended up in the bath to get clean. Which was real fun.
Today I have been to Hand Made Heaven in Chorley with two friends. We went to watch Lindsey Mason demonstrating her designs for Personnel Impressions using lots of different pens and different techneques. She was very good and we had a very enjoyable afternoon.

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  1. Gosh you're making me feel so guilty getting so many Christmas cards made already, Lol! I really must get a move on. They do look good though and Christmas cards are my favourites to make.

    I love the little dolls dresses you've made. I can sew quite well but have to confess I don't enjoy it any more so as I have two little grandaughters almost exactly the same age as your's, how would you like a job? LOL!!!!!! Seriously though, the dresses are gorgeous and I bet your baby will love them. You're braver than me with the stamping though. So far I've kept my crafting stuff well out of reach but not for much longer I bet.

    Lesley Xx