Thursday, 17 December 2009

Special Christmas Cards

I thought I'd show you three special Christmas cards I have made. I just have one more to make then I have finished all my cards for this year.

Every year I say I will start them earlier and then I don't. This year it has been harder to get them all done, due to making most of my presents as well. So next year I will definately plan better. I have really enjoyed making these cards so I hope you all like them.




  2. I'm so sorry (for myself too)Chris but I've missed a load of your posts. I'm sure Mr Blogger is doing something silly and I'm not getting all the post notifications on blogs I follow.

    I absolutely love all the cards you've been so busy and the gifts are truly awesome. I will definitely be taking more than a bit of inspiration from those ready for next year. The gifts look so professional too and what a lot of thought behind them.

    If I don't come round again before next week, a very Happy Christmas to you and your family and all my best wishes for 2010.

    Lesley Xx