Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hi everyone.

Hi everyone, hope your week is going well, can't believe it's nearly weekend again. I haven't anything to show you today, but I am crafting away. I'm working on a Wedding Book. I've been asked to make two over the top Wedding cards for the same couple's wedding. I decided to make a wedding book for the first one as it's off the Mother of the bride. I just hope she will be pleased with it. I'm making  8 pages and have finished 2 at the moment. I'm working from an idea that was in last months Craft stamper magazine. which was a Nature book. I will try to take a picture tomorrow to show you.
I'm struggling at the moment as my Son as moved back home. I moved into his bedroom 4 years ago and made it into my craft room, with built in units. I am now sharing the space. So every time I try to craft I have to work in a metre space and tidy everything up afterwards. Plus every weekend I have my Little grandaughter over to stay so can't craft then so she doesn't hear me and goes to sleep.
Thanks for visiting. Will  hopefully see you tomorrow. Hugs x ChrisB


  1. Looking forward to seeing the wedding books Chris... they sound lovely, especially as you time and crafting space sound limited at the mo
    tc Sue xx

  2. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and what a good idea. I'm busy demonstrating for two days so probably won't have pictures to post either. Take care

  3. oooooooh sharing your craft space - oh dear not good - off to look at your Wedding pages.
    Ann xxx