Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hi everyone.

Hi everyone, tired but feeling a little better after my chemo last week. First time ever it went smoothly and was back home in record time. Sorry I've nothing to show you today, but hopefully tomorow I'll have a couple of quick cards.
Isn't this weather great managed to have a little walk around the block today and a natter with a friend I hadn't seen for a month.
 I have been busy in the background when in bed. I have been having the biggest sort out of papers and craft stuff. I decided that all the stuff I bought years ago and where still in all the drawers never used were going. Mind you looking at my shelves that are still full.You wouldn't believe the rubbish I've thrown. It still has a long way to go. I have just been limiting myself to about 1 hour aday when Lee as gone to work. I think I'm about half way through.  Thanks for all your lovely comments about my last cards. Hopefully will catch up with your blogs  sometime this week.Hope your all having a great week crafting and enjoying the sunshine. Love and hugs to you all. xx ChrisB


  1. Good to hear you are making the most of the warm weather nd I bet it was lovely to have a chat with your friend. Look after yourself.
    Beryl xx

  2. Hi Christine, I'm sorry I've not been around much either, no internet and a holiday are my excuse! I hope you can enjoy the warm weather it makes feeling under par a little easier for me, look after yourself, hugs Gay xxx

  3. So pleased to hear your latest chemo session went better - this lovely weather certainly helps everyone to feel more cheerful I think and it is nice to be able to get out and about without wrapping up in loads of layers. I've not done much crafting this week - the garden has been calling with the lawns growing at an alarming rate!!

  4. Hi there
    Thank goodness this last session went well and that from now on you'll go from strength to strength.

    Nothing to look at on my blog, so don't pop over. Just had an op on one of my eyes, so can't see very well out of the other, so not doing much.

    It's nice to have a sort out isn't it - there's something nice about de-cluttering that makes one feel good isn't there.

    I'll pop back in a few days to see how you are getting on

  5. So glad the last session went better. Sending you healing hugs