Friday, 15 October 2010

Wow these weeks are flying by, or is it me just feeling old.

  Dare I think how much stuff I have to get made and done before Christmas, dare not count the weeks.   Help!!!!!! I think I need to go and take a chill pill and lie down. Not counting cards, I've loads of sewing to be done for my grandaughter and knitting too.   Why do I get my self into this situation? I know I have loads to do and yet I get blogging and thats it, I'm hooked all night. It is fun though.....
I have been doing some painting. No not the sort were I really have to put myself out, that would be too silly, even for me. The watercolour sort. I've made a card with Hobby Art stamps. The easel is a template from Time for Crafting Forum. It's for my best friends birthday, I just hope she likes it. I really enjoyed doing this one. It was really relaxing.
Have a good weekend and happy crafting.

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