Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hope your safe and warm

Hi everyone hope your all safe and warm. It's freezing here, have been cold all day, dispite having the heating on for quite some time. I'm glad to say that at the moment we have no snow. But I know that it has forcast more for some people. I feel sorry for you if you are one of them. Don't travel far if you don't have too.
I have spent the last few days sewing away in my craft room and have nearly finished a Princess Cinderella costume. fingers crossed that it fits at Christmas. It's very hard when you can't try it on. Also have finished two dollies outfits. Will post some pictures very soon. Thanks for visiting and Happy crafting. Hugs x Chris

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  1. Warm as toast at the moment Chris. The fire's going strong and the central heating is on. Hving said that - it's been a beautiful day here - sunshine all day. Cold outside but lovely and warm in the conservatory. Didn't need any heating until it got dark. So - we have been really lucky here so far. Hope this cold snap doesn't last long though - I feel so sorry for all those who've had loads of snow already.
    Beryl xx