Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hi everyone

Hi everyone, sorry not been visiting many blogs this week. I've had a very hard week. My Son and his partner split last week, which was very upsetting and worrying . Worrying because of my little darling Grandaughter and also as my Son was homeless and in a lot of debt . Due to not much help off his partner if any at all. In a nutshell he as had to work and do everything in the house for the past 4 years and do everything for his daughter.
He as come back home to try and sort his life out, which is going to be very difficult. I have had to go through our house this week and have a massive declutter. Mainly in my craftroom , which was my Sons bedroom before he moved out 4 years ago. I had my knitting machine and sewing stuff in there plus all my card making stuff. It's nearly all had to go,  it6's nearly killed me this week. I've worked everyday and then worked until midnight moving stuff and throwing. I've filled 2 large paperbins and about 25 dustbin bags. My son also had to pack loads of stuff up into the loft.  I've just got loads of magazines to look through so I can throw them.  Life is going to be very different now and noisier as Maddison will be coming to stay hopefully on Friday and Saturday nights. Don't know how much crafting I'm going to be doing.
Thanks for visiting off to sort my mags and have a bicardi and coke. Hugs x ChrisB


  1. Hello there Chris, I'm so sorry to hear your worrying news, I really hope that things cheer up for you soon. At least you'll see a bit more of your lovely grand daughter. I hope you get some time for your crafting, it can help at times of stress. Enjoy your drink and have a better week next week :0) xxx

  2. So sorry to hear of your troubles this week - do please try and find some 'you' time for crafting - it really does help to be able to lose yourself in something absorbing.

  3. sorry to hear of your problems Chris, hope you can manage some crafting time to give yourself a break - and enjoy your granddaughter

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your son's situation Chris. It's so sad when a relationship breaks down and there are children involved. I do hope you all get settled soon and you still get some time to yourself to do a little crafting.
    Beryl xx