Sunday, 26 June 2011

I have had a good weekend. I went with my friend Pat to see a Lyndsey Mason Demo in Chorley at Crafty Addicts Craftshop. I got some of Tim's tissue tape and two sheets of resist kraft card. Still thinking what I am going to do with yet. I also got a couple of distress stains to have a play with.
I also had a good time with my grandaughter. Last night she was telling me  made up creepy stories about monsters. They are really good for a three year old. She as a very vivid imagination. I had to have three stories before she would go to sleep. I always thought it was me that was supposed to tell her stories before bed. Boy have times changed since mine were little.

Today I have been busy crafting outside.  It wasn't  sunny  all day, but it has still been very warm. I took some images outside to colour and a few bits of backing paper and dies.  I also did another card but need to find some buttons to stick on yet.  I also did piles of washing and a bit of the garden. I'm off for a quick drink now then off to bed. I was playing doctors with dolly this morning at 6am so want to be in bed at bit earlier. Hope you have all had a lovely weekend Happy crafting Hugs x ChrisB


  1. Two great cards and it certainly sounds as if you've had a good weekend. How nice to be able to craft in the open air after the bad weather we've had recently.

  2. Happy days Chris, warm enough to craft out side, that's great:0) Glad to see you can play doctors still, LOL Love your cards, both brill, Hugs Gay xxx