Sunday, 16 October 2011

Back Home.

I had my operation first thing Thursday morning, they hadn't even finished filling my notes in and I was being wheeled down to theatre. I was glad I was first on the list. I was back up on the ward at 12pm sat up. I had a good nights sleep and they decided that I could come home Friday afternoon. I have a drain in and the District nurse is coming in each day to check it. It has to come out on Tuesday if not before. I am feeling ok, a little tired this afternoon and dozed off watching create and craft. Managed a bath to night so feel alot better.  Just finding it hard to sit still, but can't set my mind to anything. I go back a week on Wednesday to the hospital to hear the verdict and about my treatment.
A big thank you to everyone who as beeen praying and thinking about me, and for the lovely cards I have recieved. You have all lifted my spirits. God bless you. Take care, love and hugs and happy crafting. xx ChrisB


  1. Best wishes hun in your recovery! X

  2. Try to rest Chris.. I know easier said than done:o) best wishes
    love Suzi B xx

  3. Gosh you were home quickly - do take great care and get plenty of rest. Hugs x

  4. I agree with Suzi, try to rest but I know how difficult it is. If you're a 'doer' like us lot it's so hard to just sit.

    Sending you get well wishes and a big hug.
    Lesley Xx

  5. Hi Chris! phoned Pat on Friday night so she could fill me in on your progress,glad you are home but you must take things easy, let the lads run round after you for a change. Take care see you soon x
    Sheilagh :)

  6. Such a relief that you are back home and being well cared for.

    Do please take time to rest - it's difficult in your own home I know - you just feel like getting up and doing something.

    But just resist, sit back, and let everyone spoil YOU for a change.

    Thinking of you

  7. glad you are home Chris - am sure you feel better just being home! As everyone says, don't try to do too much, you don't want to end up back in hospital cos you strained anything - big (careful) hugs xxxx

  8. so glad to hear that you are home after your op and doing well...take things easy...sending big hugs kath xxx

  9. Glad you're home, thinking of you and hope you're relaxing and letting your body heal
    Gentle hugs to you

  10. Glad to hear you are home, take it easy and let others take care of you.

    Hugs Heather
    x x x