Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hi had a quet day today. My friend Pat phoned to see if I was going to craft class, but I had decided not to go as they were doing christmas cards this week.

I decided to stay in and finish some of Maddisons christmas presents. I have knitted a jumper and pants and a little cardigan for  her new Christmas baby boy doll. I also found a piece of fleece to match and blanket stitched around it. I also finished my cardigan and sewed buttons on it. I didn't have enough of one set of buttons so sewed alternate buttons on instead. It would have cost me £5 bus fare and about 80p a button to town so decided to save the money. I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out. It's Italian knitting wool and just cost me £6.oo. It feels lovely and soft to the touch.
The two cards were made using my first Kanban kit I have ever bought. I am trying to make lots of different cards for  a Christmas present for a friend and if I can make enough some for the hospital again. If I don't get enough made I will carry on after christmas  for breast cancer again and take them to hospital in the new year.
Thanks everyone for your kind comments they are much appreciated.
Happy crafting hugs x ChrisB


  1. That cardy sure is a bargain - how on earth did you get the wool for £6. I see you've been super productive again - you put me to shame.
    Beryl xx

  2. Hi Chris, You had a very productive evening and your cardigan looks very "on trend"..
    get me! :)
    but most of all will keep you warm
    Lovely cards and Madison will love her baby doll layette.
    Suzi B xx

  3. Your cardigan (can't believe it only cost £6 plus buttons)and dolls outfit are both lovely Chris. I used to knit all the time but can't do it any more. Partly because it makes my hands ache so badly but mostly the rhythm of it sends me to sleep, lol! I'm lucky if I can knit across two rows.

    Lesley Xx