Sunday, 14 October 2012

Wow I had a fantastic time on holiday, I loved Italy and all the places we visited. I'm afraid I have no pictures to show you yet. I spent  aload of time taking pictures for the first two days especially of Venice. I was taking loads of shots of  building, masks , fish, arches and door knobs, and plaques etc. I had planned to have a go at scrapbooking.
Unfortunately I had a fall on the third day while at a market. I was ok, I'd banged my elbow and my leg. I was very lucky as I went down like a sack of spuds straight full length. I couldn't even remember falling I just knew my face and everything was on the floor. I t shook me up and I didn't realise I had lost my camera until I got back on the coach. I was upset that I'd lost all my great pictures. I am hoping to get some off my daughters camera . I haven't seen what she as taken as she spent some of the time off on her own exploring, due to the fact that I couldn't walk too far without a sit down.

I'm late posting as I have been home a week, but came back with a cough which seems to be getting a lot worse. I also switched my computer on and it broke so have had to have someone out to look and fix it.
I have made a few cards this week. The first two I made at Sheliaghs class at Crafty Patch in Chorley. The second two I made using a set of Hunkadory that  were  a birthday present from my best friend Pat.
I will try and catch up with your blogs soon. Happy crafting Love and hugs x ChrisB


  1. Glad to hear you had a good holiday but sorry to hear about the fall and losing your camera - what a shame. Welcome back anyway and lovely cards.

  2. Oh my Chris - what a run of bad luck. It sounds as though it didn't spoil your holiday too much as you are so enthusiastic when talking about Italy and Venice. I hope your daughter has some good photos so you can still do some scrapbook pages.
    Your cards are beautiful - especially the top one. Love that soft background, the trees and those fab lanterns.
    Beryl xx

  3. great cards christine...hope that fall didn't spoil what sounds like a lovely holiday...I love Venice it's such a beautiful city...look forward to seeing your photos...take care...hugs kath xxx

  4. Sorry to hear about the fall and the camera, hope you enjoyed yourself in spite of this! What a lovely bunch of cards, I like those Chinese Lanterns