Sunday, 27 April 2014

Another week

Another week gone by and another month nearly, I can't believe it.  Last week was sad but Dad had a lovely send off , we had  time remembering all the good times we had shared with him. It was nice to see Mums family again after about 5 years, it's a pity it was under sad circumstances.

I hope you all had a good week. I have had a busy week, catching up with the dreaded washing, loads of ironing and housework. Mind you we have had some sunshine so that cheered me up, and it's definately a bonus.
Also had a lovely weekend with my grandaughter, her daddy was working last night so it was a real treat to keep her up a bit and have a snuggle in front of the tv. That was after she had worn me out playing with her dolls house and all her dogs out of her vets, I have to do all the voices for them. Thats mighty difficult when there is about twenty different ones, plus the dolls. It was lovely I got to put her to bed and read her two chapters of her book. The Faraway tree, she's only six but she is great at reading, she doesn't really need me to read the words,  she's good at very difficult words too. When I go down stairs she sneeks her torch on and reads abit more by herself if she doesn't feel tired.
Yesterday and today I have managed to get some crafting  in, so have some cards to show you.

I am trying to use some of my papers  up and images, I've got loads of them, I think they breed when I go to bed. Plus one of my friends gave me some of hers to use up.
I'm off  to the hospital for a check in with my oncolagist on Wednesday. It's just to see how I'm going on they don't want to give me any treatment until about October. To be honest I don't think there's much they can do. I am trying a Ketogenic diet that's from America, they have done some research over there and they think that sugar and carbohydrates help the cancer to breed. So I have cut them out, you just eat Turkey, chicken,, cabbage, spinach, sprouts, fish. I also can't have dairy so I drink Almond milk and have managed to find some lactose free cheese as I need my calcium for my bones. Your also not allowed any fruit. I think the things I miss most are toast , yoghurt, rice and couscous..  It's very boring and hard to keep to.
Mind you there's one good thing I've lost two stone.  I only have two meals a day and loads of water.
Well I'm off to tidy up and get to bed. See you later in the week. Thank you for dropping by.
Happy crafting, love and crafty hugs xxx Chris


  1. Its great catching up with your news - and I just love hearing about your gorgeous grand daughter you have such fun! I can just picture her with a torch reading, bless her. What wonderful cards you have made - amazing as always - you have such talent and imagination - I am very envious. Wow losing 2 stone - do you feel better eating the special diet? It must be really tough just eating two small meals a day, and I can imagine how hard it must be cutting out so many things. Hope you get good news at your hospital appointment.

    Love Lottie

  2. It is a shame that families often only get together on sad occasions isn't it. You have been busy using up images making these great cards and I loved the story about reading with a torch - I used to do that many years ago!! Take care.

  3. Wow, I can't believe how long it is since I dropped in on your blog Chris. Shame on me is all I can say but like you it's always so late by the time I get on the computer it's hard to stay awake. Since OH retired I have to share the laptop and as with the TV I hardly get a look in these days. It's 1 am as I'm typing this so off to bed in a mo!

    I'm so sorry to read about your dad but glad you got to share some special memories with family you don't often see. It's exactly the same with both mine and OH's families, in fact worse with Hubby's because he has no brothers or sisters.

    Maddison is a very lucky little girl to have you for a Nana (or Mamma as mine call me) you give her some very special times and it sounds like she has inherited your wonderful imagination.

    Very well done on losing all that weight Chris. I could do with losing at least 5 stone which is what I have put on since I had to stop dancing & stopped smoking at the same time. I only eat 2 meals a day usually and have for a long time but it's usually all the wrong stuff and my size 8 Sister in law says my body's gone into starvation mode because I don't eat enough. I'll have to look up the diet you're following! I sincerely hope it helps a lot with your health though.

    Nothing like reading a book by torchlight, cuddled up under the covers, lol!

    Well done on all your cards Chris. You are so productive and all of them different! I don't know how you do it.

    Lesley Xx