Sunday, 13 April 2014

Well I'm being a very poor blogger this year, theirs always something getting in the way at the moment.

Last week I had a foot appointment for a fitting for new insoles to be made. I also was out all day Saturday as myself and 6 friends to the Sincerely Show at Leigh. We had a lovely time and got some lovely goodies. Although I must say I was disappointed with some of the stalls. Never mind we have another show at the end of May.
I've been crafting in fits and starts in between trying to catch up on housework.
My first card was made for my friend Sheleigh    it was her birthday the other week before we all went out.

The next cards were all made with some of my goodies from the show.

This card I made for Easter for my daughter, she loved rabbits when she was younger. So hoping she likes this one.

This card I made for my Son who's birthday is today. " Happy Birthday to you."

The last card is one that we don't enjoy making, a sympathy card.

This week will be a sad week as I lost my lovely friend and adopted  Dad of thirty years. 

God Bless you Dad you will never be forgotton.
Love you always.

I am off to the funeral in the middle of the week. I doubt if I will get on again before next weekend.

Sorry I've not visited your blogs lately, I will try next week. Happy crafting  and thanks for dropping by.
Crafty love and hugs xxx ChrisB


  1. So sorry to hear of your loss Chris. Hope your week goes well and you cope with the funeral OK.
    Fab selection of cards. Do I see some Cardio stamps there. I have quite a few - get all stirred up when I go to a show and then never seem to get round to reproducing what I've seen.
    Beryl xx

  2. You have certainly been busy making these lovely cards. Very sorry to hear about your loss - take care and hugs.

  3. Oh Sue, first of all you never have need to apologise for not blog visiting and as for not doing much crafting .... you are far more productive than I am and probably have just as much if not more on your plate. The cards you have shown here are all beautiful and some lucky people are going to be on the receiving end of those.

    I'm so sorry to read you have lost someone dear to you and I hope the funeral was not all sadness and that you got to remember instead all the happy times you shared.

    Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog today. It's always lovely to hear from you. Take care.

    Lesley Xx

  4. Sorry Chris, I was thinking Chris but because I got sidetracked by a call from my friend ...... called Sue ..... I promptly came back and typed her name, lol! The old brain cells can only cope with one name at a time ;D! Xx