Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hi everyone a very long time since I posted. I hope everyone is well and busy  with there crafting.

I had some bad news when I last went to see the oncologist at the end of October. My cancer has spread up my spine and into my ribs. I was feeling so much better after losing 4 stone and very positive so you can imagine I was knocked for six. It has taken me along time to try and get stronger and try and enjoy every day again.
I have tried to bury myself in crafting and carry on making my cards for cancer. I have made  quite a lot and they have been selling slowly so I am making Christmas cards at the moment. I just haven't had the time to photograph then all and put on here.

We are decorating my bedroom at the minute so it's utter chaos with stuff everywhere. I have been trying to sort stuff out and have a big clear out. If your like me your a hoarder I find it very hard to get rid of stuff. I have so much craft stuff and I haven't started on that stuff yet. I don't know what to do with it all, I don't want to leave it all for my other half to have to sort it.

Well must get on and get dressed I am going out today and have alot of jobs to do as well.
Will try to be back soon with some pictures. Love  and hugsto you all and thanks for dropping by.


  1. so sorry to hear this news Christine when you've been doing so well...thinking of you and sending hugs xxx

  2. Hi Christine so sorry to hear this news, sending love n' hugs. Suzi B xx

  3. Hi Christine, been trying to find a way to private message you but failed miserably. If you want to get in touch there's an email address on my blog. Thinking gentle thoughts for you x