Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sorry not much activatity at all this week. I started with a cold and cough last Friday and have spent most of my time in bed. I did drag myself to the doctors on Monday, what a waste of time that turned out to be. Because of my chemo they would not give me anything not even a cough bottle. They said go to the chemist and get something without any drugs in it, I ask you.
I have felt a tiny bit better today and have made a couple of cards whilst sat in bed. Will try to get on the computer again tomorrow to get some pics done. Off to try and get some sleep now and hope I'm not coughing all night like last night. I realy need to shake this cold off as my next chemo is Wednesday the 1st.
See you soon. Love and hugs xxxChrisB


  1. Take care Chris I wish you well before your next chemo.
    the cards below are just gorgeous!
    Suzi B xx