Monday, 7 January 2013

I need some help

Morning folks I will try to post the picture of the card I made last week. I love my flower stamps.
Sorry folks I don't know whats wrong , I wonder if anyone can help? I click on the little picture next to link and the black dots come up in a circle for a couple of seconds then dissappears so there is no box coming up to search for picture. If anyone can tell me whats wrong I would  really appreciate it. Hugs x ChrisB


  1. Hi Christine...this is an issue that lots of folks are having at the moment...hopefully Blogger will sort it out soon...hugs kath xxx

  2. Oh what a flipping pain in the butt and so annoying for you.

    I haven't posted anything lately so haven't experienced it because I haven't used it!!!!

  3. Sorry Chris - I can't help either - other than to say I'm sure it's not you that's doing anything wrong.
    Beryl xx

  4. Sorry I can't help but I expect it is Mr Blogger having a hissy fit and nothing wrong your end. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon. Take care.