Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hi had  a terrible day yesterday, sat waiting for a gas engineer to come and remove my electric meter. They had rung up two weeks ago and  said it had to be changed.  They came at 3oclock and said they couldn't touch the meter for health and safety reasons as ther e was a bare wire. So I then I had to wait again for the electric board to send an engineer to fix it. At six he turned up  and did his bit. I then had to inform the gas board that it was now ready to be removed. Two hours later they had not turned up so rang again on the numer I was given earlier in the day. I got a man who then preceeded to tell me that the gas board didn't remove electric meters. But he could send an engineer to look at my boiler. You can imagine what words I then had with him for about twenty minutes.  At ten o'clock I got a gas man at the door who said he had been sent to look at my faulty gas meter.   What faulty gas meter, it's working perfectly. I  was then told  that the other gas man had given me the wrong contact number.  I then had to ring again this morning to make another appointment. We are now having to wait until 17th October to go through it again.  The world as gone mad and these companys who are making way to much profits want to get their acts together.
 I have been to the dentist again today my checkup went well , thank goodness. Fingers crossed I'm ok for another six months.
That's enough of the waffling, I have two cards to show you.  We have to go to school in the morning and pick Maddison up from school. We are going to take her out for lunch as she starts school full time on Monday.
Sorry about the bad pictures.

Have a good weekend and I will be on hopefully early in the week. Take care Hugs x ChrisB


  1. What a nightmare with the gas and electrics you are having. I can understand your frustration. Hope it gets sorted properly on 17th October.
    Two lovely cards - love the shape of the top one.
    Beryl xx

  2. I agree with you Chris, the world has gone mad it seems. I was only saying to my son the other day that it's no wonder everyone is stressed out because no one (traders I mean) seems to prepared to provide a good service unless you shout and get on your high horse with them. I find it all so exhausting and cannot understand why these people would not rather do a good job in the first instance just so they could hear someone say 'Thanks very much, that's a brilliant job!' as well as getting paid for it of course.

    Anyway, sorry I've not popped in for a while, usual family commitments taking up too much of my time and energy, lol! I hope you are keeping okay (not counting the rising stress levels caused by silly gas men)! Love both your cards Chris, such beautiful colours and the shape of the first one is very special.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Hi Christine, Just popped over to see how you're doing, I didn't know that you would have had a run in with British Gas!!! Oh dear I hope they get their act together and give you some good service soon!
    Great to hear that you have been crafting, lovely cards again:0)
    I hope you continue to feel well, Gay x

  4. Hi was very naughty of me missing your special birthday...sending huge belated birthday hugs from The Furry Boy & ME...xxxxxxxx