Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bah humbug - pleats

I'm off work this week on holiday. Can't believe what good weather I have had so far. For the past 4 years it as poured down and been horrible everytime I've been on hols.  I don't go away anywhere, usually just potter about at home. This week I have done quite abit of crafting.  I  have done my card today for Bah humbug which included pleats. I have done a new shaped card. Hope you like it. First time I have done pleats but quite pleased with it. So most probably will use them again.

I have also finished my Wedding Book commission. This is the biggest one I have done. It's from the brides Mother to her daughter. I'm praying that she loves it. Here are the rest of the pictures. I posted the rest a few days ago.
Sorry the last two are in the wrong order. It is so long it was hard to take pictures. My idea was taken from the stamped nature one in craft stamper magazine. I joined mine together by running three strips of ribbon through under the beautiful Embossed card that is on the back of all the pages. You can see it on the front cover. I have nearly finished another card for the same wedding. I will most probably beable to post a picture of that tomorrow.
Thanks for visiting my blog, I really do apprectiate you popping in. Hugs x ChrisB


  1. lovely pleated card ,wasn't sure about it till I clicked and got the bigger picture, where it looks great. That wedding book is fab and looks a real challenge to photograph.

    Glad you're enjoying your week off, I promise to try to localise the rain dance I'm doing lol!


  2. Your work is truly amazing - these are absolutely stunning

  3. An interesting shape for this card with the pleated ribbon and the wedding book looks brilliant. Glad you managed to get the award onto your blog - easy when you know how!!

  4. WOW you've been a bit busy, this is gorgeous:0) xxx