Monday, 16 May 2011

A little crafter in the making.

Hi folks a new week , hope you all had a a lovely weekend. It was definately a cold one here it felt like winter again. I went out to Wigan on Saturday delivering my Wedding card and book, but I soon came home  to get warm. I did a bit of crafting and I had a little helper. My grandaughter who's three she helped me to make two card. I cut the decoupage out and Maddi put all the sticky pads on the back and took all the backs off all by herself. I postioned them down. She said she wanted some flowers on, so I cut them out. She put the pads on again then just stuck them down herself . I told her were to put the first one then she put the rest on were she wanted.She then put the glitter glue on by herself. She's very independent and won't let you hold the bottle or touch it.

   I just told her to squeeze it gently.  She also put the pearls on. Something else I wasn't allowed to touch.I think she did brilliantly. On the second one she punched all the flowers and stuck them together herself and glittered them. I just said stick two at the top and one at the bottom and she did.  I'm so proud of her. She usually can't keep still for a minute and doesn't have much concentration level. You should have seen her face as she concentrated on getting the backs off the sticky pads. I wish I'd had my camera.  A little crafting star in the making I think. She's also getting  good at stamping. She opens my stamps before I get to them when they are free on the mags.  It's so much fun when you have someone to play with. I better watch out because she loves working the computer as well. I'll be out of a job. Thanks for calling by I do love it when you drop in to see me. Take care have fun Hugs x ChrisB


  1. Whew that's impressive for thirty-three, never mind three! Clever Maddi!


  2. You are certainly training her into crafting at a young age - great. It won't be long before she is the one to turn to if you have a problem with the computer!!

  3. Hi Chris, I think you are right it has gone cold and I thougth it was me going soft in my old age lol, well done to Maddi great cards, watch out Chris it won't be long before she takes over your entire craft room he! he!
    Sheilagh x

  4. she's done brilliantly, but I bet you will always have a helper now, especially if you don't want one! And you're right, it is colder