Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hi thought I would never get back on here, have a had loads of problem with my internet security . Every time I came on  I had messages coming up and my antivirus setting were turning themselves off. I thought I had a virus. Spent  from 10pm last night until 2am with someone going through my computer and unloading and reloading my security. But couldn't fix it. I was supposed to get a phone call tonight at 10pm but didn't so went on remote again with someone going through my system. It definately wasn't a virus and I am pleased to say that Norton have fixed the situation. I bet keep my fingers crossed  every thing seems ok at the moment. Will be back soon with my crafting makes. Hugs to you all x ChrisB

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  1. Was reading about your problems and the read the one word that explains it all -Norton. I have never heard good word about this system and have known several people with problems similar to your own. One friend had to send her laptop back to the factory to have Norton taken off (Norton wouldn't allow her to do it herself) and stripped back to the factory settings. I only had it once - never again.
    Hope you don't get a repeat of this problems.
    Beryl xx