Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hi , can't believe where this week as gone. I was at the hospital again on monday then the rest of the week I have spent cleaning. I know  it's a dirty word and non of us like doing it but, I do feel better now that I have cleaned the windows, washed the curtains and sorted all those places that realy need tidying. Mind you there's still loads that need doing, but other half won't get rid of things. Yet he moans about my craft stuff. How dare he!!!
I have managed to make a new baby card, my friend is exspecting her first baby next month so thought I'd better get organized. I'm also knitting her a little cardigan. I'll show you when I've finished it.

The pict ure as turned out abit  funny. The ribbon is the same colour as the word baby, They were all coloured with the same colour promarker Rpse pink. The background is a backing paper and then I have put two Heartfelt Blossom Corners over the top. Then layered and mounted my Image over the top.
Thanks for dropping by. Hugs x ChrisB


  1. It's beautiful Chris - I'm sure your friend will love it. We all have to do that unmentionable stuff sometimes I suppose but I know what I'd rather be doing.
    Beryl xx

  2. Hi Chris, lovely cute baby card,hope you are feeling better soon. Had my broken tooth removed but I have to go back for a root canal or the root removed, got to save up now, think I would rather stay home and clean : ( lol!
    See you soon x