Thursday, 26 July 2012

I've been a bad blogger this last couple of weeks and not been around. I've  a card to show you today that I have been putting together for a couple of days. It's the other silver wedding card I was asked to make.The elastic band is just to keep it open while I took the photo.
 I haven't done any other card making as I have been doing some knitting. I have loads of wool  I was given a few years ago so thought I better knit some up. I started a cardigan for myself then Maddison saw me knitting and she wants a cardigan. So they are both on the go.  It's been nice so I have been able to relax outside with my needles working away.

This last weekend it was the Ironman race. There were people from 30 countries competing. They had to swim 2mile then jump on their bikes and cycle 122miles then run 26miles. My neighbours took some chairs out and we watched them running past us. We had bacon butties , ham sandwiches crisps, icecream and 7 bottles of wine. It was a lovely afternoon and we all had great time. At the moment I'm trying to get organized with my craft materials moving some down stairs as my sons due to move back into my craft room. Trying to think what I need to get my hands on most. It will be back to only being my room at 10pm at night. Just time to get on my computer then and blog before bed. It's been nice to have the room to myself for a couple of months and been able to leave things out instead of spending ages tidying up.  Off to look what you have all been up to now. Happy crafting hugs x ChrisB


  1. Hi Chris. Lovely to see you posting again - and with such a beautiful card. Perfect for such a special occasion. Sounds like the afternoon of the iron man race was an enjoyable one.Pity we usually wait for something like that to get together with the neighbours these days.
    Hope your health and stamina are still improving and you are able to do more each day.

  2. This is a beautiful card and I'm sure the recipients will love it. Your Iron Man day sounds as if it was great fun and nice to get together with friends and neighbours to relax and watch others expending their energy. I wouldn't like to have to decide which of my craft things were most needed - I'd end up moving it all downstairs and then wouldn't be able to move for 'stuff'!!

  3. Hi Chris.. gald you had fun on the Iron Man day.. sounds good
    This is a beautiful card .. looks like lots of work!
    take care
    suzi b xx

  4. Another gorgeous keepsake for someone to treasure. Really beautiful work Chris. The Iron Man day does sound like a lovely community occasion and I'm glad you all had a lovely time. I quite envy you getting back to knitting which I haven't done for many years now inspite of never having the needles out of my hands when watching TV from being a teenager. I can't do it now as it always sends me to sleep within a couple of rows, lol! Like Aquarious I'd be very hard pressed to decide which of my craft goodies I needed with me and I remember how bad it was when stuff was scattered throughout the house before I was allowed to commandeer the conservatory, lol!

    Hope you're keeping ok lovely lady.

    Big Hugs
    Lesley Xx