Monday, 20 May 2013

Been fishing.

Hi folks  I've been fishing today as I thought I'd better do another mens card for my box. Thought I'd try something abit different. So did some masking and inking as  I haven't done any for a bit. Really enjoyed making this card. I also tryed my hand at doodling around the edge, not done it before except sewing stitches. Quite pleased with it so will be doing it again.
This morning I had a visit to the doctors. I've been struggling with my walking since I had my chemo last year, I have periphal neurothapy. I have also fallen a few times, the last one a fortnight ago when I fell just going to the bin. He did some reflex tests and sensation test and wasn't very happy. So he is making me an appointment to go and see a Neurologist. He said it would take about 5 to 8 weeks to get an appointment. So I will just have to wait now and hope nothing else is going on.
Hope you are all having a better start to the week. What we need is a lot of sunshine to cheer us all up. Not much chance of that  I think. Oh well playing with out craft stuff keeps us happy. See you soon thanks for calling by. Hugs x ChrisB


  1. This is a great card for a male and the doodling around the edge is very effective. Sorry to hear you have to wait so long to see someone about your problem - take care and keep on crafting (it helps divert the mind I find)!!

  2. Great job on the inky bakground Chris and a super image for a male card.
    Sorry to hear you have periphal neuropathy. Hope your appointment with the neurologist comes through soon. One of my friends has this as a result of late diagnosed diabetes so it looks like there are several things that can cause it.
    Beryl xx

  3. Hope you get an appointment to see the consultant soon. The worst thing is having to wait. Take good care of yourself in the meantime. Love the card.